Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tuesday Vegas Valley Sunset Wednesday Rain

We have been having some weird and beautiful weather and skies the last couple of days. Here is last nights sunset from our front yard. 
I will let them speak for themselves.

 Wednesday morning about 6:00 looking out over The Wetlands The storm is about over Lake Mead directly east of us. 
 By 7:15 our TV went off due to lack of signal, then the rains came accompanied by loud claps of thunder. And then it hit us. These are taken from the TV when it had signals. When it rains in the desert you have problems. 
 Shorts and an umbrella. Out for a walk in the rain. 
 Several accidents, people just don't believe water can move a car. Plus a lot of cars stalled out. 
 More like something we'd see in Indiana than Las Vegas.
This is an intersection we drive through all the time. Glad we weren't out today.  
Needless to say we didn't take the Jeep in for it tires nor did we pick up the RV. Tomorrow is another day. It rained hard for a couple of hours. With more forecast for the rest of the week. Today it was only 99 - but with the humidity it was worse than when it was 114!


Mark said...

Very interesting cloud formations. Thanks for sharing. Mazatlán in less than 6 months for me, but who's counting....

SandyM said...

That is what we call a "gully washer"! Wow to the cloud formations.

Carol and Bill said...

did you go to Utah?

Carol and Bill said...

it is amazing how stupid some drivers can be - you'd think they never saw rain before.

Mark said...

Did not make it this year, but on the agenda for next year for sure.. Stay cool in that oven called Vegas..