Tuesday, February 26, 2019

From San Blas to Mazatlan - road trip

Thursday morning we left the campground at 7:30 and were soon on the new toll road between the 15D and San Blas. What a wonderful road. Wish the weather had been sunny as the scenery was beautiful. 
 Lots of mangos and bananas. It took us a little over 20 minutes to get to the 15D.
 The tunnel. Looks like they have the landslide problems taken care of.
 Lots and lots of bananas growing in this area. 

 Yep that is rain on the windshield. Well really more like a light mist 
 We were up even with the low clouds for a while. 
 At the 15D, the turn off to Mazatlan.
 More mist - and the first toll booth. The toll would have been 70 pesos but this booth too has been taken over by people asking for donations. You can just see their yellow sign over the shoulder of the motorcyclist. We gave our "donation" to the very polite young lady and continued on north. 
Coming up to the next toll booth - not quite so polite here. Wondering what the big sticks are for.

If you want to see it full screen click here
Work on 15D from hurricane damage continues just south of Acaponeta.
 Notice the solid white and yellow lines. They have no meaning what so ever. We are pulled over to the right of the white line. Almost to the gutter. 

How many lanes on this road? Only two. 
 He better hurry up, we can only pull over so far. 
 Back in Sinaloa. Where the toll booths are collecting the tolls. 
 Inspection for fruit. Just  asked us through windows if we had any fruit." Nope." "Have a good day." 
That rock is where the free road is.
This is from the dash cam [video is not real good - dirty window and looking into sun] on the way down to Aticama. Our first encounter with "donations." We thought we were coming up on a road crew repairing damage. Nope - they had signs asking for donations to help with the hurricane damage. The next part of the clip is at a toll booth.We were going behind the truck when a guy with a red flag waved us over to another aisle. Clear at the other - northbound - side of the booth. We stopped not sure what to do. You can see them motioning us to go  through in the north bound lane. We waited until we saw another vehicle go through. See the truck waiting to go north...Passing real construction work from the hurricane. Another toll booth manned by "the people." Red flags to stop you and a barricade in the road until you paid the donation. Interesting. Same thing on the way back. 

We got back in Mazatlan a little after 11:00. And it was cool and overcast here too. But it was nice to "be home."
Have not done too much since we've been home. Took a drive along Malecon and to grocery store. 


Janet said...

The toll booth experience is interesting. Will the people maintain the highway? Did this start when the government changed? Are the noise and dust better? It is going to warm up supposed to be 80 in Yuma tomorrow, it has been a very been a very long time since we have had 80 highs last 2 weeks high 50s and low 60s and windy

SandyM said...

Curious, was the donation you paid the same amount as the toll you would have paid had the toll booth been open? For what, are the donations being used, personal use and home repairs?

Carol and Bill said...

No idea where the money will go. It has been going on for quite a while in some of the southern states. When we came down in November it was going on at the tolls in Sonora state.
Still noisy here - compacting dirt right directly behind us. Dust is down but noise continues. They work from 8 to 6.
Finally warming up here to, if the wind would stop it would be nice.

Carol and Bill said...

No, we saved quite a bit of money by not having to pay the tolls. One booth the toll was 120 pesos for auto, we "gave" 20 pesos. They wanted 50 for a car. No idea what money will be used for. Or who actually will get it.

Contessa said...

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