Thursday, June 18, 2020

This crazy life we are now living.

We get excited about the smallest thing now days. 
Yesterday started REALLY early for us. I woke up about 2:30 and couldn't go back to sleep so got up got my Nook and went out on the patio to enjoy the cool air and read. About a half hour later Bill came looking for me. So we both got to enjoy the sunrise. The little sliver in the sky is the moon. 
The Nevada DMV - horrors - finally reopened and all three of our vehicles need - like past due - registering. Gives one the shivers doesn't it?  But actually it wasn't that bad. First we had to smog them. Took the Jeep first to see if the smog guy was open and to see how long the line might be. One person in front of us just finishing up. So Jeep passed - asked if we needed a reservation to bring the RV - nope, just come on over. So home we went. Bill put the Jeep back in the back yard.  We jumped into the mustang and went over to where the RV was parked. I took the ford and Bill drove the RV back over to the smog place. Again one person just finishing up. Maybe took us door to door 30 minutes. Both passed. And - the office had called us Monday and told us the RV parking was repaired and reopen - so he put the RV back into its official space. I was hoping they would widen the spaces a little bit, but they didn't. We park the RV about two blocks from our home here inside the community. $20 a month!
Then home where I went on line and did the registrations for all three. Now just waiting for the stickers to be mailed to us. Glad that is done, in case we decide to go any where in the RV.
And so the day went on. We both took naps. And watched the Spanish soccer league games. I continue to work on that puzzle. Only manage to find a few pieces at a sitting before everything starts looking the same color. Persistent anyway. 
Today I managed to sleep until almost seven, Bill says he got up around three.
We got our grocery delivery from Walmart a few minutes after eight. Put it away and decided to make a field trip to Smith's grocery store. I forgot to order fresh fruit. So off we went. Put on our masks and gloves before getting out of car. Got to love Las Vegas. The slot machine room just as you enter the grocery store. First time I've seen it empty. 
All aisles are marked "One Way" - but no one seemed to be paying any attention to that. Bill said that about three people out of ten were wearing masks. 
I enjoyed roaming the aisles - bought more then we planned on. So it is a saving when we shop on line. 
In the Walmart delivery was the curtain rod I ordered to hang the new quilt. In fact there were two of them in the package. Hum does that mean I have to make something else? But where to hang it?
A closer look at some of the details with the beads on the umbrella and the fan. 
And Bill was busy this morning. He has pulled out some of the wood spirits and is painting parts of them and putting them on plaques. 

Soccer game later this afternoon. And today we get a Hello Fresh delivery so I'll be cooking for a few days. 


SandyM said...

Love the faces carved in wood - have bought a couple of them at the Market in Guayabitos and La Penita. Have wondered if I could put polyurethane on them - is that what Bill uses with color added? Would like the grain of the wood to show. I like the one on the upper right of the picture that has the three of them. The two of you keep so busy.

Do you have any thoughts on the safety of returning to Mexico? We have put our decision on hold until September and will see how things are playing out by then - both here in the USA as well as Mexico and of course if the border is open. These are crazy times we are living.
Stay well and stay safe.

Carol and Bill said...

Bill says yes you can polyurethane them. He is using a hobby paint to do them.
He says we ARE going to Mexico this winter. He'll be 84 and I'll be 82 so we are not sure how long we'll be able to travel so we want one more winter there. But of course between now and then things can change. Cases are going up here in Vegas now with things being open. Wait and see I guess.

SandyM said...

Thanks, will try polyurethane - should brighten up the face and then I will find a place to hang it.