Sunday, June 7, 2020

Viva Las Vegas

And the days keep passing, slowly but surely.
A lot of the big hotels opened for business on Thursday. Hope all goes well.
We've been having some wild weather lately. Two days ago it was 107 - tomorrow it might not even make 80! And the WIND has been BLOWING. By Tuesday it is still supposed to be relatively cool and no wind so we hope to take one of the drones somewhere so Bill can play with it. 

We've also had some pretty sunsets. 
 And sunrises.
 I have continued working on the necklace. All the tubes are done here and I was starting to make the loops. 
 Also started another project, an applique picture of a Japanese Lady. I've had the pattern for years. Just picking out the material here and making the pattern. It will be a quilted wall hanging - or not. I have some embroidered Japanese Ladies blocks I've also had for years - so maybe a larger quilt. 
 A really pretty sunrise yesterday morning. 

I finished the necklace.
 A closer look at the loops. 
 And am continuing to work on my Japanese Lady.  Next step is the applique work. Using the sewing machine. The the embellishments and finally the quilting, if I get that far. The big blue circle is an umbrella with the embellishments it will look like one. 
Been watching lots of NASCAR. Today the #18 came in second. Getting to be more like he should be. Yesterday he got TWO speeding penalties in the truck race - not the way to win!
Sorted through all my bead stuff and found a couple more projects I started sometime in the past. Will try to get them finished. 
Bill uncovered and got the Jeep running and out front. We'll be using it again for a while. Hopefully Tuesday when it is supposed to be nice and not windy. 


Mark said...

Nice tablecloth. Willie will be happy to get some work in.

SandyM said...

Your necklace is finished in time to wear for 4th of July. Have fun with it. The sun rises and sunsets are beautiful.

Jackie McGuinness said...

LOVE the Japanese lady!

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - thank you for comment. Our whole patio looks like a Mazatlan store moved here.
SandyM - Gosh, guess that means I'll have to actually wear some decent clothes to go with the necklace. Not just tattered shorts and shirts.
Jackie - when I get her done it should be nice. But don't know what I'll do with it.