Wednesday, March 15, 2023

And so the day continued.

After getting all the tow stuff thrown in the back of the Jeep we continued on to KM21 to turn in the paper work for the Jeep. The pictures are actually from the dash cam in the RV. I was a little too busy to take any pictures. I haven't driven the Jeep since way before we left Las Vegas. See the big Microwave towers on the left  good indications you are close to the small white building shacks where you turn in the paperwork. It is just across from the OXXO, Lots of orange cones. Bill just drove by as he had nothing to turn in and parked in dirt. I followed the orange cones. (I know I need to fix the date/time on the dash cam.)

You get off the highway a little before this picture starts 

Well I was so rattled that when I got the paper work out I screwed up and left the important part - the copy of the Banjercito paper in the RV.  To begin with that copy, the receipt and the paper showing deposit were all stapled together. I tore the Banjercito off. Didn't remember doing that. So - of course we didn't get checked out. One day this week we will drive the Jeep back into Mexico go to KM21 and give them the correct paper work and get our money back. One of those real "I can't believe I did that." moments. After we left KM21 we stopped at a gas station just past it to fill the RV to use up what pesos we had left. They were charging 17.99 a liter for gasoline. Had some pesos left so filled Jeep too. 
So onward, me following the RV. Make sure you stay in left lane here. 
Coming up to the Mexican Aduana  There are three lanes here stay in the one to the left between pole and striped cones. We went up the middle one. Me just following behind thinking " oh, oh, I think we should be to the left." 
If you do like we did - I was just following RV~ you will be able to get to the left one through a break in the barriers . See video. 
After getting out of there - you just drive through.  Continuing on up the highway. Always stay in lane saying AUTOS even if you are an RV. 
See the striped cone. Make sure you follow the arrow, even if it feels wrong. You will end up on the left of the barrier - that's where you should be.  I know it just says AUTOS  that means you too even if in an RV. 
I hate this part of the road. Seems like you are going the wrong way. You're not. 
Follow the signs 
See the white van and the border patrol agents. Follow their instructions if you are in an RV. They will stop traffic in far right lane and wave you across to in front of the van.
He is removing cone to let Bill through. I begged and pleaded and almost resorted to tears to try to get them to let me follow the RV. NO WAY. They didn't care I was with the RV. Not their problem. To go in that lane I HAD TO BE ATTACHED TO THE RV. I told them I had been attached to the RV until a few miles back. Too bad. No way. So off he went and I went in the auto lane. 
I stayed in the auto line closest to the bus lane where the RV was.  I got through almost as fast as he did. He had a couple of new trainees I guess. One told him to get out of the RV. The other yelled at him for getting out. So he had to get back in only to be told to get out and open the door.  When they came inside to check and opened the refrigerator door one of the door shelves fell off spreading bottles every where. I had forgot and there were a few tangerines in it. Of course they were confiscated, but not until they told him he should be fined because they were there. They kept asking him where his wife was and he kept pointing to the Jeep in the auto lane saying she is there. Well why is she there? Duh! He finally got going and had to drive through the X-ray machine - which says 3 miles per hour and they told him to hurry up. He stuck to 3mph. Finally out of there. He waited for me up the road a ways. 
So after seven hours on the road here we are parked in Mountain View RV Ranch in Amado, AZ Paid for a week, a little over $35 a day with Good Sam discount. We are in the back row a pull through. But can't pick up their Internet back here. 
Doesn't Jeep look weird without light bar? 

Tuesday morning we went to Dennys for breakfast. YUM.

And that was that day. 


gumo said...

Whew! I’m not sure it is worth going back next year but that is something you have plenty of time to think about.

Doug and Nancy said...

I almost got all anxiety attack just reading this!

Carol and Bill said...

gumo - we are pretty sure that this year is our last trip to Mexico.
We have good memories of the time spent there, so will rely on memories from now on.
Doug and Nancy = Sure got the heart rate up a bit.