Thursday, March 2, 2023

Day in Centro continues

Yesterday we went to the supermarket and got a bunch of things we can't get at home, or that we just like the taste of the ones from here better. We got a couple of cases of shelf stable 190ml (around 8 oz) whole milks. Used to be able to buy them at Smiths, but not any more. Also got a couple big tubs of Can't Believe its Not Butter. Tastes so much better than the ones at home as does the Haagen Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream. Got three big containers of it. Now just have to make one more regular groceries run on Sunday. 

Back to our day in Centro. Walking back to the parking lot. We stopped and checked out the church. A few years ago we spent quite a bit of time watching the workers paint the white lines to make it look like individual blocks. 

It is impressive looking. 

The yellow tiles on the bell towers. 
Across the street. Lots of people feeding the pigeons. They had all just taken off into the air. 
We stopped and watched this courtship for a while. All puffed up trying to get her attention. He was really showing off for her and she just kept walking away and ignoring him. He finally gave up and went for another mate.
Seen this building for years. but never realized the one with all the windows was a separate building. Tall and skinny, Lots and lots of tourist buses in Centro.
This ice cream stand has been in this place for 80 years, owned by the same family all that time.
A month or so ago some one hung a sign on this hanging plant that said "Hanging Gardens of Mazatlan." Sign is gone now. 
When ever we see the flower seller his bucket of flowers is full. Does he really sell many?

The old empty building has some pretty doors in it. 

Back in the Plazuela Machado - going to miss coming here., 
The benches need some TLC.
A man painting in the plaza. Stopped and talked to him for a while. A gringo who has moved here. 
While I was talking Bill disappeared. Soon saw him sitting at "his" table in Gaia waiting for me. Guess he  wants to eat. Fun to sit there and watch all the pulmonias, tourist buses and tourists going by.
A guided tour getting some information. 
And we did eat. Bills salad.
My salad - that is candied pineapple and pink, sweet grapefruit. Very,  very good. 
Wrapped in cucumber and decorated with strawberries. 
Heading towards the car. I could hear singing so looked around. He was just sitting of a bench and singing. Very nice voice. Never seen or heard him in the plazuela before. 
Because some cruise ships were in there were several vendors set up/ 
Roving singer. We've known him for years.
At the other end of the plazuela there was another singer. This time a woman. She was pretty good too. 
Bill saying Adios. 
Sweeping in front of a little restaurant. 
This picture just says MAZATLAN!
Newly painted. Colors are so vibrant. 
Some one painted fish and whales on this wall.
A construction site behind this wall. Hope you are enjoying our final days in Mazatlan too. 
Plans change. Today we got up thinking we would go to the Observatory. Waited until about 10 o'clock and then changed our minds. The sky was gloomy and a cold wind was knocking the chairs on the patio over. So we went to El Quelite instead. 


Ruth's Life is Good said...

Hi Carol: If the milk you are talking about is normal liquid milk but can be kept for months without being refrigerated look for it at DollarTree. This is the only milk we buy, it is wonderful to be able to keep it around for so long. After being opened and refrigerated it will still last 14 days. Anyway our local DollarTree stocks it as whole milk, 2% and I believe skim. $1.25 for a quart. Wishing you safe travels back to the US.

Carol and Bill said...

Ruth - yes we can get the quarts of shelf stable in NV too, but I like the small signal serving size. Used to be able to get them in Smiths grocery and on line, no more though.