Sunday, March 12, 2023

Sunday and still in San Carlos -but good news

We are probably going to be here at Totanaka until tomorrow morning, Monday, we've paid for a week but want to get on the road. It comes out cheaper to pay for the week even if we don't use two days.  And both the Internet and water pressure have been great this time. 

The plumber never did show up Friday, BUT he did show up yesterday. Saturday. 

I guess the problem was two parts of system sealed with a gasket of some sort came apart. Nothing was really broken. Today he had a new gasket and some really strong sealant. Now it is supposed to be fixed. But we still can't use any water until this morning. Need to let the sealant dry and seal. Sure hope it works. The plumber under the RV fixing things. I don't know how he managed to get under there. He was a big man.

Cost 800 pesos which included gaskets and sealant and labor about US$45. That wouldn't even cover a trip charge at home.

And Grace took another trip. Yep I fell. Really stupid move. Went to restroom after dark and didn't take a flash light, no lighting of any kind by the restrooms. Fine going there. Coming back my toes hit the side of a patio - it always amazes me how one second you are standing up and in a blink of an eye you are flat on the ground! First thought - I hope no one saw that. Second thought oh oh, can I move everything. Yep I could. Got up and very carefully and slowly feeling out each step I made it back to the RV. Luckily pride was more damaged than the old bod. But by next day my toes were sore - I was wearing my slippers instead of sandals thank goodness. One is bruised some. Also by next day there was some swelling below both knees. Not bad but enough to see with a little bit of bruising. Also right hand is bruised a little. Guess I was very lucky, and now the flashlight goes with me. 

We have not unhooked the car so yesterday we needed to go to the bank. Found out there are Tuk Tuks here. Interesting ride. Kind of fun. I didn't have either my camera or my phone so no picture. Young kid driving it, very personable. 

We had planned on leaving yesterday morning, but for some weird reason Bill got a nose bleed, Not BLEED BLEED, just little dribbles but it wouldn't stop. So he didn't feel like driving. Finally got it stopped by afternoon. If we had left we would have missed the plumber. Things happen for a reason I guess. We are pretty much sticking around the RV, did not unhook car so limited to where we go. 

Well it is that time of year again, the guys who come out around Lent with their costumes and drums. They are going in and out of the restaurants here

This dolphin sculpture is one of the prettiest here in San Carlos. It is right outside the RV park. It has so many details on it. 
The back.
The other side. All the different tiles designs. 
The musicians and dancers
The girls face and more tile designs. 
Palm trees and rugged mountains.
Our pull through parking spot, full hooks. Bill didn't want to fool with the car. Totanaka has these sights on both side of this street through the park - the regular back in sites are on both side of the road. 
Walked over to the Italian restaurant for dinner tonight. Hope to leave in the morning for the US or maybe just Santa Ana. 

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Doug and Nancy said...

Alrighty then. Have a good trip tomorrow and stay away from flying buckets, okay? Hugs.