Thursday, March 23, 2023

Each day goes by slowly

 Not to much to write about, unless you want to hear all of our complaints. We have WiFi again. Ordered it on line and picked it up curbside in Green Valley.  The tech support at Verizon must know the tech support at Dish. Both said I would get a call back and still waiting to hear from both of them. Threw the old MiFi out and have new one. Can't do any thing about Dish TV.

We will be paying for another week here. Our son was willing to come get us this weekend  but we are both still sick so don't want to infect him. So we will see how we are doing next week end. Still need to get the logistics figured out too. We are about 495 miles from Vegas. That is a long driving day - for us. I guess he will do it in one day. But he also has to get here to Amado. 

Bill is being affected by the covid more than me. He is having trouble with his eyesight since he got sick. We are both coughing and sneezing up a storm. And both taking naps. Had to laugh the doctor told us to take "emergence zinc"  turns out he meant Emergen-C Zinc. Oh well finally got some.  Hope it helps. Part of the day I feel fine then get hot and coughing- my ribs are getting sore, Bill is more fatigued than me.

I will be glad to get home. but dread the unloading and putting away The weather has finally got nice here. No more wind or rain for a week or so. 

And that is about it for us. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Hopefully you both will feel better soon! Rest!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you two have sure had your share! Sending healing vibes your way. We've never had covid so I don't even have any good advice. Get better soon ☺️❤️

SandyM said...

Covid is real and still out there as you and Bill well know. I am hoping you are getting better and hope, too, that you are drinking lots of water and some juice. Like most of us that have had Covid we are not sure who gifted it to us but we know for sure if we gift it to someone close to us.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie I feel a lot better this morning. Bill is fighting being tired all the time. Also since Covid his eyes are bothering him terrible. Hope that goes away.
Thank you for healing vibes. hope you never get it it is miserable.
Sandy Who would think we get it in the tiny town of Amado - just in wrong place at wrong time I guess. Really knocked Bill down. But both of us are slowly on the mend.