Friday, March 10, 2023

Another day will be spent in San Carlos

A full day in San Carlos. The weather is great, not too hot or windy. Sunshine, blue sky and slight breeze. Mostly stayed home because of plumber making repairs to broken line. Bill fixed the awning. Just had to put the awning part back in the mechanism and find some nuts to put on the screws to hold it there. He also fixed the towel rod in the bathroom that fell down. The handy man who works in the RV park washed the Jeep. We were worried about the crap eating into the clear coat. All is well with that now. 
Here is the video from the dash cam and it shows the bucket falling off the pickup. And the aftermath. Click here to watch it full screen, it is worth it. I've added a few comments to it. No sound. 

The awning arm hanging out into the street. Bill taped a paper towel to it so it showed up better at night. Didn't need an RV  coming in to run into it. It is fixed now. 
We had the RV washed the day before we left Mazatlan. Going to have to get it washed again soon - the crap hit the fan and all over the back of the RV. 
At Totanaka RV in San Carlos overnighters can park in the roadway - full hookups. So that is where we are even though we are ending up staying three nights. The poor plumber - he is a BIG man - has to lay under the curb side of the RV in the cobblestones to work on the release pipes/valves. 
The first time in years, since Covid, this park has been completely full. Only one or two spaces empty. 
We walked across the street for dinner at Charly's Rock right on the gulf. 
Looking south
Looking north - the two peaked mountain that is in a lot of my sunset pictures from here. Night before there were too many clouds and no sunset and last night no clouds so no pretty sunset. Maybe today we'll get lucky.
Lots of fishing boats out there. 
A strange little island out in the bay. 
Weirdly enough it has big cactus growing on it. 
We both had fish and chips with small salad and great tarter sauce. Bill was really hungry I guess because he ordered a second serving. 
But I think it was because he wanted to feed the seagulls. See the guy on the right with the French fry in his mouth. 

He stopped feeding them when one flew right in and took a fry off of his plate!
So this is our trip so far. 483 miles and US$170 in tolls. Of course charged for both RV and Jeep.

Well plumber who was here yesterday working on leak damage didn't show up today. So it is still leaking a little. So we'll leave here tomorrow morning and either stop in Santa Ana about 200  miles or go on to Amado, AZ which is 290 miles. At least the road is good most of the way, with just a few topes to deal with. Then of course the US border. We've emailed a mobile RV place in AZ, that we've used before,  telling them our problem and where we will be. Will see if we hear from them. Sure will be glad to get home - unless we have mice again. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

No mice!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well this has been quite the trip North! Watched and listened to the audio, would be exhausting. Wishing you better travel gods as you head further North.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a day from hell. Maybe you should write another book and have this one made into a movie. Surprised to see Totonaka so full.

Outstanding seagull photos.