Friday, March 17, 2023

Our last visit to La Martina and La Noria.

I forgot that I had not posted any thing from our last visit to La Noria a few days before we left Mazatlan. So today is a colorful post from our great winter in Mazatlan. So for a change of pace here it is. 

We of course stopped at the beautiful La Martina restaurant. Just one of the many flowering plants there.

It is such a beautiful place. So many things to see there and great food. We will miss going there. 
In the ladies' restroom is this oil painting of Maria Sabina A very interesting lady. Click here to read about her. The mushroom lady. 
More colors at the front of the restaurant. 
Beautiful red plant. I've never been able to keep one of these alive.
On up the road to La Noria. They have finished painting the arch. Notice the saddle The town is known for its leather goods and beautiful hand  made saddles. 
Last time we were here a lot of the buildings were being repainted. Government supplied the paint, the town the labor. This one looks amazing. 
So do these.
Every building on the entire main street has been repainted. 

The registry office. It used to be turquoise. All marriages and births are registered here. 
These town signs are really neat. 
The whole plaza area has been refurbished. The gazebo looks really nice. 
All the benches have been repainted and lots of new plants around. 
The restaurant and hotel behind the water feature. 
Went upstairs of the restaurant looking down.

Back downstairs. The restrooms. 
Just like all the different textures
A mama hen and her tiny chicks. They were really, really tiny. 
Even the church got spruced up. 
Bill buying some of his favorite tortillas. He says they are the best tasting ones he has ever had. 
And then on back to the RV. Nice memories. 
We got the Jeep back yesterday afternoon so as soon as it warms up some we will be on our way back into Mexico to KM21 to turn in the TIP papers for the Jeep so we can get the deposit back. If you take a vehicle into Mexico you have to get a Temporary Import Permit good for 180 days. Also have to put down a deposit - $300 to $400. When you leave with that vehicle you turn in the paper work and the deposit is refunded. It is to discourage people from taking cars there and selling them. Looks like today will be sunny. It was ugly and cold yesterday with rain off and on all day. 


SandyM said...

Do not know where my comment went or where I may have posted it.😊😊😊 I love all the colorful painted homes. Since the government donates the paint do they get to choose the colors they give to each homeowner? However it work it makes for a colorful town. Thank you for sharing such beautiful photos.

Sandy: said...

PS I love the spruced up church

Carol and Bill said...

sandy - my GUESS is the town got lots of buckets of paint and the people got to choose what they wanted. Or maybe the volunteer painters chose.