Thursday, March 16, 2023

I have calmed down and all will be fine.

And that was/is our journey home. We still have to return to Mexico to turn in the paperwork on the Jeep so we can get our deposit back. But we have plenty of time to do that. We still have our Mexican car insurance and only have to go to KM 21 and give them all the correct paperwork. Still can’t believe I was that rattled that I removed the one thing we really needed from the three things that were stapled together. Oh, well. The Mexican part of leaving the country was fine. And I had a very nice US border guard. Very polite and quick. He suggested we should take a trip to Alaska some time. Told him we already had.

On Tuesday morning we were up bright and early, way too early – think 4:30 a.m. Both of us went to bed too early Monday night – I think I was asleep by 9:30.  So after the sun came out and it warmed up some we headed up the road to Denny’s for breakfast. Did you know that Denny’s charges $3.69 for a cup of coffee? My whole meal was only $5.99 – two eggs, 2 bacon and 2 pancakes. Bill had eggs, ham, hash browns and toast. We enjoyed every single bite of them. Then we went to Walmart in the same shopping area. Had to get a sewer hose as the connection was broken off by the bucket that made the mess. Thank goodness that got fixed in San Carlos. Also I was running out of some OTC pills - vitamins etc. Just picked up a few groceries that we needed. Enjoyed every minute of shopping. Then back to the RV.

Parked here at Mountain View RV Ranch. We are in the back row which is pull through.

Then we came home and relaxed. Well kind of. When we got to the RV park on Monday we arrived 5 minutes after the office closed. So had to call for someone to check us in.  Their hours are from 9 to 3!  (Just as an aside our trip Monday took 7 hours for 285 miles. It went fine until the last 25 mile stretch. First the mess with the tow, then forgetting paperwork at KM21 then we stopped and filled gas on both vehicles to get rid of pesos and then the US border. It usually takes us about five hours. Even with all our mishaps it wasn’t too bad. ) So stopped at office for the WiFi password. Got it. Then discovered the signal doesn’t reach back to the back row where we are parked. So will use my Verizon Mifi – but need to be careful not to use too much. Then turned on our Dish satellite TV. Of course it didn’t want to come up. So went online to try to activate it. Got notice that page wasn’t available…??? So called them. Well the tech support people can’t help me anymore either. Seems they had a cyber-attack in February and their system is all messed up. So a supervisor would have to call me to activate my receiver. He would call in 2 to 4 hours – well it has already been two days. Yesterday I was on hold for an hour, finally hung up. Then next time I called message was to call back another time.  So no TV and limited Internet. Did I mention I can’t wait to be HOME

Yesterday Bill will took the Jeep and the part that broke/fell off over to a mechanic right up the street and they will put it up on a lift to see what damage might have happened to underside of Jeep and what needs to be done to weld the thing back on. I do NOT want to drive all the way to Vegas. We plan on staying here until next Monday – or longer if needed. Doesn’t the Jeep look strange without its spot lights? 

Just got a call from where the Jeep is getting fixed. Thank goodness they could do the repair and welding work. Called Luna Tire in Amado, AZ.

Both of us have recovered from our falls. I still have a little bruise below my knee, but no ouchies anywhere. Bill’s ankle did not bruise and swelling has gone down and he isn’t even limping. We were both lucky. Lesson learned, don’t try to walk in the dark without a flashlight and look down when walking.

Well it is Thursday morning. Rained last night off and on and still pretty cloudy this morning. 

The Jeep is still at the mechanic, probably will be ready late afternoon. I have been trying and trying to get some attentions from Dish TV. What a mess. Now they just say hang up and call back later. Bill is cold so he just went back to bed. But on the bright side our refrigerator continued to work while we were driving. And the waste tanks are not leaking and I don't get a low voltage signal when putting the levelers up or down. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Well, the "ship" is pointed in the right direction. Glad to see your BP has come down! Hugs to you both!

Grandma on the Road said...

It may take a couple more weeks to get ahold of Dish. I have my regular signal, but cannot get locals switched, and that has been for three weeks. Their whole system, including their website and phone app, were destroyed.

Just glad you are both all right!