Saturday, March 18, 2023

Friday back to KM21 (now KM256)

Friday was a beautiful day weather wise. So nice to see blue sky and sunshine after a couple of days of gray clouds and rain. So we grabbed our paperwork (toll money, passports and banjercito copy) and headed to KM21. About 45 miles from RV park to KM21. Uneventful crossing into Mexico. Just the rough road from border to after airport turnoff. Even in the Jeep Bill couldn't miss all the potholes. Got to 21 and turned in the Banjercito copy and got our receipt. Then we stopped at a gas station (17.99 a liter for gasoline) to use up Pesos. We got back to about a mile before the US border - took 1 1/2 hours  from RV park to there - we weren't in a hurry. And 111pesos in tolls. 

I guess a Friday morning is not a good time to cross from Mexico into the US at the Mariposa border station.  Just poked along here. Car length by car length. Also I was very surprised to see a number vendors walking along the stopped cars selling all kinds of stuff. Got rid of the rest of our pesos. No didn't buy any thing, just gave them away.  While in line we saw a very interesting thing. A new looking black Jeep Cherokee came flying down the wrong side of the road. Slammed on his brakes, made a U turn and stopped. Two young guys got out of the back seat. They headed towards the border, then turned back to the car. Driver got out and yelled something at them and pointed to a gully on that side of the road. He got back in his car and took off back up the road the right way. They climbed over the fence into the gully. What do you suppose that was? lol. It took one hour to finally get back on the road in Arizona. Had a neat border guard, he really liked the paint job on the Jeep. 
Then we stopped at IHop to have lunch. Bill said it was the best hamburger he's ever had! Lots of wild flowers blooming along the highway. 
Boy that mountain must have had a rough time some where way in the past. 
Just so pretty out I had to take a picture. 
Lots of puffy white clouds. 
Tried calling Dish TV again - wait time of 173 minutes. Nope, just hung up. And I guess the supervisor who was supposed to call us back for our job ticket number in 2 to 4 hours must have quit. Its been 4 days now. By the time they get to us the RV will be parked in storage and I won't care. Wonder if I can get a discount on my bill? Hummm...
Later we went to Green Valley to the Safeway. I like that store. Had to laugh though, some of the single older ladies were eyeing Bill's new head of white curly hair. (He is letting it grow out for awhile.) Went to breakfast this morning and got a new water hose for the RV. Blue sky but kind of cool out. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Even having fun in AZ I see!

Lee said...

Just wait until those ladies see him tango.

Grandma on the Road said...

Forget DISH until at least April 1. I have tried several times, and even though I got through, no one could send a signal to update my local channels. The tech guys are all working non-stop on rebuilding the systems that crashed, including the web site and the phone app!!

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy and it just keeps getting better.
Lee - Remember Kookie - we are getting him a comb.
Judy = I've given up on Dish. They will probably call me when it is in storage. Where it will be asap.