Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Still in Mazatlan

 Another "Just a quick post." We are still in Mazatlan but will be on the road for sure today. We were all ready to leave yesterday. The last thing I do is raise the levelers. Well when I pushed the button there was NO POWER to them. Tried starting engine, nope didn't come up...Pushed button again, NO. So called Eric the mechanic. Thought maybe when he was hunting for problem the other day and we had to get new batteries and cable maybe some wire got disconnected or something. He came by about 11:30 and it was a quick easy fix. Mainly it was a reset type of thing. A couple of pushed on the house battery button and the jacks reset and all was fine. But by then we didn't want to get on the road. So here we are.

We usually leave here around 9:30 - 10. We'll drive slow trying to miss the pot holes and get to the truck stop about 3:00. Rest for a bit then go to the Elba restaurant there and eat dinner. If I get an Internet connection I'll post. 

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