Friday, March 3, 2023

Revisit to El Quelite

Yesterday we had kind of planned to go to the Observatory. But the wind was blowing so hard and cold we decided we didn't want to be up on a hill right next to the ocean to go to a place where we would be mostly outside. So we decided to make one last trip to El Quelite. It is inland some and no wind and much warmer. And we were curious - the bridge that came down a year or so ago was supposed to be finished in February. Looks like it isn't open yet.

In fact it doesn't look like it will be open for a while. Maybe by end of March???

At least there is a different dirt road up to the main road. Video of it. Click here to view in full screen. 
No sound.

Must always take picture of ARCH. You cannot come to this town and feel bad. 
Most of the pictures I took yesterday were "just because" pictures. Either colors or pretty scenes. Love the color of this house. 
And this one. 
Parked and walking up towards the restaurant. Lots of color here. 

Looking for another wall hanging to make. Across the street from the restaurant. 
Restaurant wall. 
The long front porch of the restaurant. 
Inside the restaurant. More and more colors. 

One of the big iguanas (was he the one who pooped on my head years ago?)
Showing off. 
More color from inside. Always see something new.

This is just a piece of the floor. Cobblestones and beautiful tiles. 
More decorations in the restaurant. 
A lot of baby chicks were running around. These decided to rest right next to us. 
More iguanas in the back room. They were getting water from a little decorative water fall there.

Made from cut roof tiles. So pretty. 
Going to stop here - have a busy day planned. Going to take down all the Christmas lights - Bill and I did it. Also got awning up and away from the wind.  Later Rafa is going to wash this poor dirty dusty RV. We will get out of here and do something. But don't know what. 

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Anonymous said...

One can never tire of the colours of El Quelite