Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Litle fix turned to major problem.

On Monday we were waiting for Eric the RV mechanic to come by for a what we thought would be a "little fix" - Not so little it turned out. The problem - when we were driving or stopped with out electricity the refrigerator would not automatically switch over to propane to keep running. First thought it might just be a kink in propane line, then maybe a wire loose. NOPE! Don't know what was being checked here - didn't ask. I hate to see wires hanging out. 

NOT. The error code was a low voltage code. So checked out batteries, just two years old. Neither would register the needed amount of  what evers.  Supposed to be over 12, would not go up over 10. Lots of checking, batteries were not charging when engine was running. Not good. I don't understand all that was wrong. Or all that was being done. 

End of long story - The batteries were shot and a cable connection was missing. So two new batteries from Auto Zone. Still not working right. Had to get the cable. Luckily one of our neighbors had an extra of the cable needed. Thank you Terry! Maybe the RV came from the factory with out the cable as we have had battery and low voltage problems since we've had the RV. We are on our second set of batteries, plus one other replacement of one battery. Took all afternoon to get every thing working right. Getting to batteries was not easy. Two little holes under the slide. 

Eric you are amazing, thank you so much. Also water pump problem was taken care of. Simple fix. Owner error. Dials were set wrong...These could be a little clearer on meaning. 

All is well now. 
On to nicer things. Went to Centro yesterday for a few things and lunch. Part of me wishes we weren't going home. But most of me wants to be home. Go figure. Picture of a mirror, why you ask? Well many years ago when we still had the Alfa we got lost here in Mazatlan and ended up in Centro/Olas Altas. We could not go around the round about to head back into the hotel zone. So we ended up going straight on a half block street. The we had to turn right or left. On a one way street going right. There was a mirror on the corner. We hit it and broke it. This was in March of 2007 - it just got replaced last month. We ended up unhooking Jeep and turning left going the wrong way on the short one way street. Got lots of honks but finally made it to bigger street and back where we belonged. 
The old German Notions Store. 
OMG - they have repainted the NEW three story parking garage. Last time we saw it a week or so ago it was pale green. Now it is a kind of mustardy chartreuse. Also now had wrought iron on windows of two upper stories. 
And even flowers. Like balconies. 
Very pretty looking. 
There were three cruise ships in town so lots of tourists around and lots of tourist busses. 
We went to Centro for three reasons, only accomplished one thing. 
There used to be a little store  by the watchmaker where we bought candied nuts. It closed down but moved to the street Angel Flores. We finally found it. Bill coming out of it. 
This is the pot they used to melt the sugar and coat the nuts. We had to find the store  because the last few months I ate Bill's entire supply of them. I'm afraid to get on the scale when we get home. Seems like all I've be doing lately is snacking. Bought a bunch of little bags of candied peanuts. I hid them from me. 
YUM - no didn't buy any. But love this candy. 
The new store is about 1/4 of the size as the old store. 
Walking up to the center of town by the main plaza where all the shoe shine/repair men are. Getting his shoes shined. 
He is stitching a sole on to a shoe. Looks like it is his shoe. 
As we went by the cathedral the bells started to ring. They are actually still rung by hand. He is ringing them. 
Up past the central market. I was looking for a woman who sells little cloth dolls, wanted to buy one from her. Of course, now that I wanted one she wasn't there selling them. Lots of people upstairs eating in the restaurants. 
Walking down O'Campo towards third reason. Just some old buildings. I wish will all the new building going on in town some of the places right down town would be spruced up and reopened.
Interesting building. 
Passed where a man who washes cars parked on the street is getting set up. His rag and buckets for water. 
We were headed for our favorite bakery. 
But we had gone there to say good bye to the baker/owner Rueben. But we missed him, he had already gone home to go to sleep. He gets up at 2 a.m. to start the baking. 
Left there and headed back to where the car was parked. For lunch in the Plazuela Machado. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Parking garage looks great!

Contessa said...

Love that shade of yellow. Close to our patio colour. Our favorite bakery as well. Almost always sold out. Glad Bill found the candy store.

Whatever would we do without Erik? He came to fix on thing Tuesday which required us to pull in the slideout. No power, zip, nada. Erik had to fix that problem first.

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - it does look great. Even fits in with the area
Contessa - Good to hear from you. Hope all your RV problems fixed too.