Sunday, March 5, 2023

More from the town of many colors.

Continuing our visit to El Quelite. Still inside the restaurant. Notice the parrot on the wall upstairs. When I started looking around I saw several in the trees and on the roof. Not real ones, but pretty none the less. 

The wishing water well in front of another pretty mural. 
A big tile mural, the lighting was not good for a picture. It is much prettier than it looks here. 

The front room of the restaurant, part of the original house that is now a small museum. 
Back outside
Still looking for the picture that will make the perfect wall hanging. 
The back entrance to the restaurant. 
Such vibrant colors. 
Driving around town. Never noticed the round stairs before. 
Lots of flowers to take care of.
Going up the now paved road towards the commentary and the rooster ranch (roosters used for cock fighting)
we we so surprised to find the rooster ranch was no longer raising roosters. The gates were open and the grounds unkept and the rooster shelters empty. Wonder what happened. This picture is of the cemetery right next to it. 
Going back into town the old way. 
A couple of well kept homes. 
Cactus blooming. 
Very pretty.
One of the other restaurants in town. 
Stopped at a trinket store. Pretty butterflies. 

Looks like this tiny house is not longer lived in.  See all the cacti on the roof. 
I like their planters. 
Lots of corn coming up in the fields 
Still working on the bridge on the 15 free road 
Maybe it will be open by the end of March.  
One more sleep and we'll be on the road.


Doug and Nancy said...

Such a beautiful little town.

Mark said...

Safe travels...