Monday, February 12, 2024

Part 2 El Quelite - even more colors.

Every time I start going through the pictures I'm going to post I think - Oh I should have taken a picture of something that would have given more information about this picture. Oh well. So far this year I've taken about 1300 pictures. And Bill has been taking a whole lot of pictures with his phone. Will download and go through them when we get home. The rest of the pictures from El Quelite - more colors. Just another look at the iguana. I think he is thinking Ha Ha!

Click here if you'd like to read my very first post from El Quelite in 2008. Looking out to the town from the second floor of the restaurant. Those flowers are something. 
The arch from inside the restaurant 
The carving on the back of a wooden high chair. 
I think Bill was feeding him. He is even colorful. 
A table hidden in a small area. 
Mural in the main building. 
I like the two pictures of the men. 
A lovely place to sit and enjoy people watching. 
Different chair. 
And that was our visit to El Quelite.

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SandyM said...

Have so enjoyed every one of your Mazatlan posts 2024. Thank you for sharing so many photos and so much information with all of us. You are a terrific guide for that lovely city.