Friday, February 16, 2024

We are Home

 We are home. Son picked us up and we went out to dinner. Every thing at house is okay and working fine. Today I'm  putting in a big WalMart delivery order and going to Albertsons for produce and Denny's for breakfast and that is about it. 

Will slowly catch up on trip and trip home. 


gumo said...

Thanks for the update! Rest now so you can blog later!😀

Doug and Nancy said...

Glad for the update. Hope that it was a hassle-free trip home. Not like last year!

Ruth's Life is Good said...

Welcome home!!

SandyM said...

Great, safely home. From the blogs it seems like it was a good trip - I sure enjoyed each one and all the photos. Thank you for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

gumo - did a lot of resting yesterday.
Doug Nancy - more or less hassle free. Thank goodness for wheelchairs.
Ruth - thanks, good to be here
SandyM -still have more to write about trip - one of these days.