Thursday, June 9, 2016

Blow Dryer kind of day

When we lived in Indiana the TV weather forecasters would describe a hot humid day as "muggly." Here in Vegas the term used for a day like today 105+ and wind as a "blow dryer kind of day." Perfect description. Never got cool at night last night. Tomorrow it is supposed to be only 105!
We actually went out for a little bit this morning. First for breakfast - I think I've mentioned that Denny's gives a 15% discount if you have an AARP card. From there we went to the library and got our cards. Very big and nice library only a few blocks up the street from us. This is the back of the building where the entrance is. The front of it is amazing but didn't get a picture of it today. 
 Yes, those beams are purple. The whole building is blue, green and purple with lots of curves.

When we got home I downloaded the software to my computer - can borrow a book and it will come up on the computer but I can't get it to transfer to my nook. GRRR. I think it is my Nook that doesn't want to work right. Will try again later or tomorrow. Also need to load the software on my laptop. 
Worked a little this morning on the new quilt - here is some of it. 
I is only going to be crib size so I only have to make two more squares. Then decide what colors for the joining (I know that's not what they are called but can't remember it right now.) strips and edging. 
Fixed dinner last night so tonight we eat what we can find. No cooking two nights in a row. Besides there are two soccer games on tonight. 
I slept in this morning and wouldn't you know it there was a beautiful sunrise, they even showed it on TV. 


SandyM said...

Perfect baby girl colors in your latest quilt - lucky little girl.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Most libraries use Overdrive as their software. It can be difficult to get set up but once it is done it is fantastic. I love that I can borrow books even when we are travelling.