Thursday, April 5, 2018

A longer walk in The Wetlands.

I've been cooking like crazy since we got home. This is the bread I made yesterday - it is all gone.
Today I cooked chicken breast covered with multi-colored tomatoes, artichokes, green onion, rosemary and zucchini all in a wine sauce. Alsop scalloped potatoes. And now I think I've satisfied my craving for home cooked meals. Tomorrow night leftovers or salad or pizza.
Worked a little on the window. Well yesterday I worked a lot on it. Finished the border and got it foiled ready for solder. Went out turned the soldering iron on, did one small seam and decided I wasn't in the mood to do it. Also my hands were shaking a lot today.
Bill and I got out of the house this a.m. and took a longer walk in the Wetlands. Here is a map of it. We live near the lower left hand corner. We didn't go to the waterfall but we saw a couple of the ponds.
Just starting out. That is Sunrise Mountain in the background. Most of my my pictures from our backyard have it in it. Day started out beautiful, no wind! but ended up in the high 80's. By this weekend we might reach 90. Already?!
One of the little creeks. It is amazing how green it is around them.
And how much cooler it is by them.
Just some of the reeds.
We could hear what sounded like a bullfrog to me. He would make a sound and then another one would answer him. Didn't see him though.
We did finally see some bunnies, he started to move just as I noticed him.
We stayed on the paved paths today. There are a lot of crushed rock paths too. Bicycles are only allowed on the big paved path around the outside of the park. We were almost home before we saw any one else.

Guess this was the area where the fire was. Lots of blackened trees.

One of the signs around the park. Most of them are too faded to read, barely could read this one.
A whole big field of reeds. So very green.

One of the ponds. Saw some ducks but no turtles or fish this time.
Another view of same pond. A little waterfall.
Not a ripple on the pond, not a bit of breeze.
Then on home as it was starting to get too hot for me.
Ran a couple of errands and set up my sewing machine so if I get the desire it'll be ready to use.
No word from the RV doc on if they found the problem with the nav/camera system. So maybe it acted up for them and it will be fixed.
My header picture is from the Wetlands, reminds me of a field in the mid-west. Beautiful blue sky.
At least I got my walk in today. Tomorrow early I have a doctors appointment clear across town so probably will be too hot to walk any by time we get back.

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Grandma on the Road said...

How about posting the recipe for your bread? It really looked good.