Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ugh technology - I hate it

From toys to telephones to tv's This week I've hated them all. First off when I went to take the pictures off my camera using the memory card slot in my computer IT WOULDN'T WORK! Actually that is not correct when I went to download the pictures from the micro SD card from this little new drone It didn't work. I thought it was the drones problem, because I'd just used the memory card slot earlier in the day. So we fooled around with the drone for over an hour. Tweaking settings, taking pictures trying something else. Nothing worked - the computer just would not recognize the drones SD card. Then I got to wondering and took a couple of pics with my camera and put the card into the computer - NOTHING - Not the cards it was the computer slot not working. Called Best Buy and made an appointment to take computer in. Geek suggested I just buy an USB multi card reader as he didn't think they could repair the PC. Made the appointment anyway. For today at noon. Have since cancelled it.
But anyway, this is Bill's newest drone. It is smaller than the others and the camera is better. The wind finally let up enough for a few minutes that he could get it up in the air just outside our door.
 Having to learn a new controller, but he is doing fine. The pictures were good but I didn't see them - 'cause MY card slot wasn't working.
 Also got the goggles working, but they work with one of the other drones. So that was done.
I took a break from electronics and worked on my window some. The front is completely soldered except for the edges. A strip of metal goes all around the outside edges to hold it together. Bill cut the metal for me.
Then we got a letter in the mail from Direct TV - all of our TV receivers have to be replaced by THE 16th of this month! So had to call them. No problem they would send them to us. Why did I need so many. Well I have a lot of TV's in my house and RV. Okay no problem, but they needed the last four numbers of the serial numbers so they could deactivate them. It was lots of fun getting the numbers. Finally got the ones in the house but not the RV, so they told me to call back today with those. And of course those boxes were secured for traveling. Finally got them unstuck and pulled out enough to read the tiny numbers. Called them back - 45 minutes on the phone. 30 of those minutes she was trying to sell me new program services, fancier boxes and change my internet and cell service. What part of "I don't want to make any changes" don't they understand. Finally I told her "I'm a little old lady of 80 and I can't handle changes or figure these new things out." Silence......"Oh, okay. Do you have any more questions?" Nope, good bye. So when the new boxes come it should be another fun day. Think I'll chill the chocolate wine.
It continues to be very windy, gusts up to 65mph the west valley and today it is below 70 degrees after a couple of 90 degree days. Our yard plants are loving it I guess. My ocotillo is finally getting leaves, lots of leaves.
 And a bunch of new branches coming up.
 Bill's jasmine is blooming like crazy. Sure smells good.
 The bushes are getting more orange bell flowers and the palo verde is almost blooming.
 So this morning we went to WalMart to get my USB Multi-card reader. Only $10. Works great. While there I noticed these piggy heads with ears and all in the meat section. Have never seen pig heads any where except Mexico.
 Came home downloaded my pictures using my new USB card reader. Then went out to the garage to work on the window. Got the metal pieces attached with solder to the edges, flipped it to the back side and did enough soldering to stabilize the window. Now I have to finish the soldering of the back - the side that is in this picture. Getting closer to being done. the whole interior of the window - sky, flowers, etc. still needs solder. Then cleaning and putting on the patina.
We did get the RV smogged and sent in the money for the registration. One more thing off the to do list. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Love the "old lady" part! We had the same issue I can't believe they don't keep the serial numbers on file.

Carol and Bill said...

sometimes being dumb and old really helps

Carol and Bill said...

I meant acting dumb