Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Another busy day

How about those golden Knights! Beat the LA Kings in 4. On to the 2nd stage of the playoffs!!!!!
Another busy day today. The wind has finally quit blowing for a while, supposed to start up again tonight, but not so strong.
Just a picture of our view as the sun gets low in the sky. The mountains really light up. 
Was out walking around in the back yard. Lots of things blooming. Lots of orange bell shaped flowers on this bush. Its brother? though has not started to bloom yet and is not as big. 
The Palo Verde tree has started to get blooms. It is such a pretty tree when full of bright yellow flowers. 
Don't remember what kind of plant this is but it is interesting looking. Kind of like a spider with legs going in all directions. 
The orange and yellow lantana are blooming like crazy. 
The jasmine is really blooming now, can smell it in the house. 

But back in the house. This is the main material I am going to use for the quilt for new great granddaughter due in summer. Have not decided on a design or other colors for sure yet. 
Both had family doctor appointments this morning. Bill got a doing good and I got stuck with more labs and more appointments. Should learn to keep my mouth shut. After we got home we got the last two new Direct TV receivers up and working in the RV. Now just have to wait for labels and mail two boxes back. 
Bill spent part of the afternoon cooking up a batch of milanese - delicious. 

Packaged some up and will freeze them for a day when we don't want to cook. 

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