Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday Fun

I got up this morning before the crack of dawn. Thought I'd watch the sunrise on Easter Sunday. Just to much overcast, not a pretty sunrise at all. This is all we got. Usually the color is right behind us where the sun comes up. Today the only color was looking north a little.
 A broader look at it. the color is down in the left hand corner only.
 About 9:00 Bill asked if I wanted to go with him over to the radio control airfield a few blocks from us. Sure why not. This is the view from the field. It is also part of the view from our back yard. See the pointy mountain on the left. The area is The Wetlands, a protected area and park.
 Only about five people there flying. One man had two big airplanes. This one is almost big enough to lift the truck off the ground. It is a double wing plane. 
 Same owner with his other plane. It was quick and loud. 
 As soon as it was in the air I couldn't follow it with the camera. 
We watched it fly for a while. Also from the RC park we can see half way across town to the Strip. Just the taller buildings. 
We were leaving the RC park when we spotted something really interesting taking place in the Sam Boyd stadium parking lot. Car racing! We stopped in the street and watched through the fence for a while.
Then we drove down towards the stadium and discovered we could drive right in to the lot to watch.
 Go to this website to learn more about LVRSCCA - Las Vegas Regional Sports Car Club of America. Really interesting web site. I guess we could have entered the Mustang if either of us were nervy enough to do it.
From their website.
What is Autocross
Autocross, is done in a large parking lot, with a twisty course laid out with rubber orange traffic cones.  
Cars are run through the course one at a time, and timed with an electronic timing system.
It is extremely safe, completely legal, and most importantly, a whole lot of fun !  Warning: can lead to a life long addiction !
  Don't worry about your vehicle... We have classes for just about anything and all levels of modification.  From completely stock to full race cars and everything in between. 
After each set of cars went through the course the go carts came out. Boy they were really fast.
 In the parking lot of Sam Boyd Stadium. Last weekend there was a Monster Truck Jam in the Stadium. The cars with numbers on them were entries. Cost them $40 to enter. 
 Just some pictures as we walked through the parking area to the racing area.

 He was really fast. Tires squealing and dust flying.

I lost him on the track for a while. 

 This is an Oldsmobile - I saw the name on the back of it. 

Then we came on home and just vegged out the rest of the day. Felt good to do nothing.

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