Monday, April 23, 2018

More items checked off the list.

I'm sorry I complained about it being cool and windy here. We have entered summer with a bang.  Come Saturday and Sunday though it will cool again to the 80's but only because the wind will really be picking up again. We were thinking about taking a three day trip to a ghost town north of here. But with gusts up to 40 mph, don't think we will. We are also still waiting for the parts to get to dealer to fix the nav/camera system. 
The sunrise yesterday morning. It was a beautiful day - not too hot and no wind. A day like Bill has been wishing for for weeks. But wouldn't you know he woke up not feeling good and spent most of the day in bed...
While he rested I worked on my baby quilt. Got almost the whole front of it done. Now have to get the batting and something soft and cute for the backing. It was fun to be sewing again. No mistakes in measuring this. 
Today we got out bright and early. Had to drop some stuff off and then go to the car insurance agent to get the policy for the cars for Nevada. Sticker Shock. We went with Progressive, seemed to be the best price for us and "bundled" the cars with the RV. 
Left there and took the Mustang to be smogged. Surprisingly it passed. It has not been smogged for over 11 years. Took it home and drove the Jeep to the smog place. Oops - it didn't pass. The sensor for the "Check engine" light has been on for years. Every one we've taken it to has agreed that the sensor must be bad. If the light is on, the smog device will not pass the car. So went to the mechanic. He said leave it...couldn't do that, no way home. So went home, Bill drove Jeep back and I drove the Mustang to garage to bring Bill home.  Still no word from the mechanic. Once it passes the smog we can get them both registered here in Nevada. Some where in there we also ate breakfast out.  
And we stopped at RV dealer to see if they knew any more about the diodes that went bad in the nav system. Nope they are just waiting for Jayco to send them. Tomorrow I think I'll call Jayco. 
Got home in time to talk to a concrete contractor about doing a fix to our garage floor, right where it meets the driveway. It is crumbling and Bill wants it fixed before it gets worse. We'll hear from him tomorrow. Hopefully. We also talked to another contractor last Friday about extending our patio cover. He is supposed to call back too. 
Meantime tomorrow Bill has another two to three hour appointment with another eye doctor - clear across town! Then maybe his cataract surgery can be scheduled. 
The house next door sold and the people are in the process of moving in. For some reason they leave their one or two dogs here alone at night and they yap continually. Either that or they have a yapping dog record they leave on. Such fun. 
Loved the weekend racing. #18 won the  Cup race, that makes three in a row he has won. 


JoeAPM said...

I feel like one of your birds at the empty bread fruit tree... just waiting for the next post!
But take your time... you probably just need a little break!

Your usually very quiet reader,

Carol and Bill said...

Well all caught up now. Will do better in future.Thank you for caring.

Contessa said...

Love the colors you choose for the quilt.