Monday, April 30, 2018

A hot busy week.

The full moon last night from the backyard. Listen to the wind. It was strong enough to move my arms and I had them braced on the Jeep - yes it is in the back yard again.
So where to begin?I think I'd left off on Monday - so lets go back to there. This was taken Monday night, usually I take sunset pictures facing the other direction. But there was some color in the eastern sky so took it facing north east. 
 Tuesday morning the wind wasn't blowing too bad so we went over to The Wetlands for Bill to fly his new drone. It is a little smaller than the other ones and supposed to be more sophisticated...Getting it set up. 
 While he was flying I walked around the little play area some. A big cement snake to climb on. 
 He is in the shade of a climbing wall. Hard to see the tablet that sees what the drone is seeing while in the sun. 
 More of the climbing wall and the desert view. 
 All kinds of animals are etched into the concrete, but hard to get pictures of with the sun and shadows. 
 While wandering around I found this painted rock.  
Turned it over and read this sign. I left it there. When we got home I went to their facebook page. They have left painted rocks all over Las Vegas. Several more are in the Wetlands. But too hot - three days of over 95 last week - to go look for them. 

More from the playground. A big bullfrog to climb on. 
 Sunrise mountain way over there in the back ground. 
In the afternoon Bill had another appointment with a different eye doctor. A specialist who would clear him for cataract surgery. So way across town to see her. Thank goodness I took my Nook with me, another 2 1/2 hour appointment. All cleared for surgery. When we got home I had to start drinking water to hydrate myself for my pending CT scan. Slosh,  slosh. I also finally was able to make another campground reservation in Oregon for early August. . So we have reservations at three campgrounds up the coast of Oregon for June through August. 
Just a picture of the tree and bush blooming in the back yard. So colorful.
My plant that we snuck home from Mexico has a new arm and is doing great.  
 Wednesday morning was my CT appointment. In and out in about 40 minutes. Then to WalMart to get the batting for the quilt and out to breakfast. Trying to do things before the heat. 
When we got home there was a message from the mechanic. Two of the bad oxygen sensors were replaced and working BUT could not get rid of the third "won't pas the smog" problem. It is the sensor in the fuel pump!!! What did we want to do. No choice but to fix it. He would let us know when it was done. 
So once home I called the cataract surgeons office and started setting up Bill's appointments. He is getting both eyes done, one at a time. Had to schedule six different appointments. And had to work around other appointments. Our May calendar looks like it has measles. 
Forget which day during the week the RV dealer called and told us they had the parts for the back up camera/nav system when did we want to bring it in. Right away, actually the next morning. They ended up replacing the entire unit and all the wiring. Then of course we had to pick it up and bring it home. Hopefully it continues to work. I'm trying to get a hold of Jayco to see if we can get a new warranty on it - just in case. 
Bill put up our Mi Casa es Me Casa plaque. I love it - My house is My house. It is in the back yard where we can enjoy it. On the front of the house we have one that says Mi Casa es Su Casa. My house is your house. But the snarky part of me likes the other one.  
 So where were we - oh yes, the mechanic called. The Jeep was ready to be picked up and he had taken it to be smogged. It passed. That was done. Went over and picked it up. Then home to make an appointment with the DMV to get the registrations taken care of. Needed to do that before Bill's eyes got worked on. Will be going there this Thursday. Whew. 
Of course in among all of this we had to watch the Golden Knights hockey games. And the NASCAR races. While watching TV I worked on and finished my baby quilt. Just have to make the label for it and it is ready to go. And of course soccer games. Barcelona has cinched the league championship for this year. 
Also made two trips to UPS to send something to Canada, return something Bill ordered from Amazon and send back one of the Direct TV boxes we didn't use.  Also had to call Direct TV to see why I hadn't received the "special label" to return the other box we didn't need. Still waiting on that - it is coming in the mail. 
We never saw the concrete guy again. But are waiting for the man who is going to install the patio to get the materials. 
Did go out to dinner last night. Discovered our favorite go to quick restaurant was closed - for remodeling so went to Applebee's. The food was good but the waitress was a witch - no service or friendliness at all. First time I've ever not left as tip. She took the order, someone else brought it to table, never saw her again until she slapped the bill on the table. She wasn't on a break and the restaurant wasn't that busy. 
And so that was our week. Oh yes, also fooling with Bill's drones, trying to get the applications on the tablets to work okay. Also had to take one in to get repaired. It landed in a palm tree...


Contessa said...

What neat writing you have. Love the painted rock idea. Good luck with all your to do's.

Carol and Bill said...

Thanks, will be following your big trip. And will be glad when May is over for us. Bill is not a good patient.

SandyM said...

Wow, after reading all you have done this last week I had to take a deep breath. Hoping results for Bill re cataract surgery will be as good as I have had. Don't need glasses at all - the first since I was in 4th grade.....a long time. The quilt is lovely - what a lucky little girl.

Carol and Bill said...

I bought that material in Mazatlan. The big squares and the backing. Was waiting for a chance to use it. thank you.

Kathy Tycho said...

We just arrived back in Terrace and are parked at our daughter's until we get the house up and running. Your May calendar gave me a headache especially since ours will soon look much the same. Who ever said retired life was relaxing! I really loved the bullfrog. Wish he was in my garden.

Carol and Bill said...

I know - looking at it I wonder how people still working get anything done. But I guess if we were still young and working, we wouldn't need the appointments.