Monday, April 2, 2018


Not a very creative title, but what can I say about a day that was pretty quiet. This was last nights sunset. It was prettier than it photographed. 
Still taking care of business. Made another doctor appointment, one for Bill for his eyes. And starting to look for insurance for the cars. Talk about sticker shock between Indiana and Nevada! Wow! NV only issues six month policies. What we paid in Indiana for two cars for a year will not cover one car for six months here. 
Also we went over to RV doc. Of course the nav/camera system started working on the drive to the RV place. So of course they say there is nothing wrong with it. They can't fix it if it is working. We want it replaced, they won't do that as there is nothing wrong with it. And besides it is Jayco's problem to pay for. So they were going to try to make it stop working today to see if they can find a problem. If not we have to call Jayco again and get them to extend the warranty on the system. This is the third time we've had to get it fixed. Like the service person says, it might be the system, it might be a wiring problem. So we will see tomorrow. 
I did take a walk this morning a little over one and a half miles. I know, not much but will try to work up to more.
Later in the afternoon Bill and I took a short walk in the Wetlands behind our house. 
Parts of it are desert and other parts quite green with ponds. 
A little black duck? in one of the ponds.

Heading back towards where we live. So peaceful out there. And I'm glad it is our view from the side/back yard. 
 I cut fringe on my Wall t-shirt and put colored beads on the  bottom, fun to do and I have a zillion beads to use up. 
And that's it for today. 


SandyM said...

Nice your shirt.

Mark said...

Are you aware that your shirt is missing the H Sorry but I had too mention it. My bad...

Carol and Bill said...

Yes that is one of the reasons I bought it. They had a few without the H - most had the H.