Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Window and Walk

Been busy working on my window. Marking the pattern and cutting the glass. Then grinding it to fit. Bill came out to the garage with the camera. 

Got the entire border cut and fitted. Next putting the copper foil on it and then soldering it.
Was out in the back yard checking on the plants. This bush is finally starting to get flowers. Glad to see they made it through the winter.
The Palo Verde tree is getting its leaves and the plants in front of it are all blooming. 
The patio is looking pretty good, nice and colorful. 
Another one of the bougainvilleas and an oleander beside the garage. 
After working on the window I decided to take a walk. Did a little over two miles. I just realized I haven't seen any bunnies this year. Not even when we were walking in the Wetlands. Walking past the main clubhouse I saw these beautiful yellow rose bushes. Just covered in blooms.
One of the homes had several hollyhock plants. Surprised to see that they grow here in the desert. I remember them from my Grandmother's house in Buffalo, New York. Really different climate. We used to make dancing girls out of them. 
I have all the pieces foiled now, so just need to solder them. Foiled them while watching a soccer game. Multi tasking.
At least there wasn't any wind today, but the temperatures are going back up. Expecting 87 by the weekend and very high winds Saturday - 34 - 40 with gusts up in the 50mph range. 
Baked a loaf of bread - made focaccia bread. Finished baking at 4:15, it is now 6:00 and most of it is gone already. Must have turned out okay. 
Up to 8600 steps today, maybe hit 10,000 before I go to bed. No don't think so. 

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Mari Borrego said...

Loving your back patio. Just missing the coffee/tea & good company!