Sunday, April 8, 2018

One of those days.

Yesterday began with an okay sunrise, too many clouds to make it beautiful. 
Bill has two new toys. One is another smaller better etc. etc. drone. He spend some time charging batteries and looking at it. The wind was so bad he couldn't take it out and play with it and after a few dirty looks from me he didn't use it inside. But then he also has another toy. Goggles to use with the drones. Talk about pulling hair time. We've read the directions, watched the YouTube videos and downloaded the manual and still couldn't get them up and running. With both of us frustrated we gave up for then.
Jumped in the car and headed for WalMart to get a few things. Almost there sitting at a red light the car died! No way was it going to start again. Out of gas? Indicator said full, problem with new fuel pump? No idea so called AAA. Almost immediately a pick up with a guy and gal in it stopped to ask if we needed help to get out of the middle of the road. Yep. So they parked and jumped out and helped to push the car to the curb. So now we weren't in the middle of the road but were in the right turn lane. It has been so long since we have had to use the hazard lights we couldn't figure out where they were for a while. Finally found them. Just after they left another pickup stopped to ask if we needed help.  WOW in Las Vegas? Here we sit waiting. Because we were in a traffic lane we got bumped up to first on list for AAA.
And still another person stopped to ask if they could do any thing to help us. Very impressed with the people of Vegas. About a half hour later the truck pulled up behind us. Yep, out of gas. Guess the sensor has quit working. He had gas but couldn't get the nozzle on his can into the fill hole, need a funnel which neither of us had. So he called another truck with a funnel to come. Another 15 minutes. Got one gallon of gas, cost us $3.00 plus tip. And we were on our way. A thirty minute trip took over two hours. One way to waste a day. You really feel stupid when you run out of gas and don't know it. We have only used the Mustangs a couple of times since we've been home and couldn't remember if  we left it with a tank of gas or not. So guess we better watch the gage and the mileage now.
 Noticed these UFOs while sitting waiting for AAA truck. Yesterday was a 90 degree day, but with the "breeze" 30 to 40 mph winds it didn't seem that hot. 
 Got home in time to watch the end of a Barcelona soccer game, they won. So far this year they have not LOST a game. Have tied a few but not lost. Then I watched the NASCAR Xfinity race. Happened to look out the window and saw another UFO - in our back yard. WOW. Actually it is part of the balloon display in the house for sale, now sold, next to up. 
Picked it up and put it back where it belongs and found it in our yard again this morning. Likes us I guess. Bill taped it to its stand so maybe it will stay there. Winds aren't supposed to be as bad today. 
Later on we worked on the goggles for a couple of hours, still haven't got them working right - but then again maybe we do...we need a kid to help us. I just asked Bill a question about them and he said, "I'm not fooling around with them today!" Well that is almost what he said. 


Mark said...

Hey I was right, Bill did get a new drone. I like his style...

Carol and Bill said...

no comment

Contessa said...

Sorry you had to endure running out of gas. Just caught up on your posts. You have been busy since you got home. Nice to see you cooking.

Carol and Bill said...

Hang on to your hats for the next couple of days - at least this part of the valley won't be quite as windy as the west side. Hope you get all your fixes done without problems.