Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I'm a fan and he is a hobbyist.

Can't believe I've let this many days go by without posting, only excuse - lazy. We are having some whirlwind weather. Today the west side of the valley is supposed to have sustained winds around 55 mph with higher gusts. Over here on the east side they will not be quite as strong ONLY 30 - 40 mph. And the temperatures yesterday and today in the low 90's. Tomorrow still windy most of the day but temperatures down to low 70's for the high. Guess weather is weird all over the country. 
I enjoyed Sunday's NASCAR race at the #18 Kyle Busch won. Do you think I'm a fan? Bill took these pictures. Usually Kyle drives for M&M's. My computer desk.
My M & M's.
I have managed to do a few things around the house. Cooking again, made a quiche - turned out pretty good. The pan it is sitting on - we bought that when we were in Argentina in 1978! Still have it, it travels with us and moves with us. I like it for roasts.
And here is Bill's side of the computer room. Or maybe I should call it his drone port. In this picture there are five different drones. The big white one on the top shelf, three on the L of the table and one on the end table - it is a brand new one. His goggles are the big white lump between the two monitor screens. He uses the screens to play with his flight simulator game. The cases each are set up for a specific drone with extra batteries etc., etc.
His charging stations for the drone batteries and controllers and the tablets he uses with them. 
He has been very frustrated with all the wind, no chance to play with his new toys. Did manage to get his little new one up for about 20 minutes yesterday when the wind let up. AND we finally managed to get the goggles set up. This is what they look like on. What they do is ... When he is wearing them it is like he is sitting in the drone. He sees what the drone sees. The only problem is he needs someone with him as he can't see his surroundings. Unless he flips the goggles up off his eyes. It is very hard to see what the drone is seeing when using a tablet or phone - Unless you can find good shade to be in. That's why he is usually standing by the car or next to a building - for the shade. With the goggles the picture is very good. BUT it is a challenge to use the controls on the goggles - see the lighter white square on the side of them? That is a VERY sensitive touch control. So guess he will use the regular controller and I'll tell him where to fly. But I put the goggles on yesterday and first thing I did was accidentally touch the touch control and got all kinds of messages.  This are toys for young people. Also they made me a little dizzy - dizzier. 
After flying the little new drone we came in and took the memory card out to see how the pictures and video turned out. Discovered the slot in my computer for the card quit working. So tomorrow a trip to the Geek Squad. 
Went over to pick up the RV yesterday and it wasn't ready, so will get it today hopefully as we have to register it and to do that it has to be smogged first. We'll bring it home and vacuum some of the sand out. I had planned on giving it a good cleaning but not when it is over 90 degrees outside. The RV will have to go back to dealer anyway to get the nav/camera system fixed when they get the parts.
Jayco worked with them to finally make the system act up and stop we'll see how long it works next time we use it. 
I did some work on my window yesterday. Getting closer to being done. 
For you technocrats out there here is some info about the goggles. 
First-person view (FPV), also known as remote-person view (RPV), or simply video piloting, is a method used to control a radio-controlled vehicle from the driver or pilot's view point.

The DJI Goggles are comfortable goggles designed for seamless FPV flying with DJI products. [1] They combine a pair of large ultra-high quality screens, long-range, low lag wireless connectivity, and direct control of photo and video capture.

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