Monday, April 16, 2018

Is TV worth it?

On Friday we found five boxes on the front porch. My first comment was to Bill, "What have you bought now? And five of it?" He gave me a blank look, shaking his head no. Took a closer look it was the Direct TV receivers. That was quick I'd only talked to the the day before. Impressed.
Both of these go in the RV. Haven't wanted to deal with them yet.
We did not even open the boxes Friday. So Saturday morning early we opened three of the boxes. We have three TVs in the house. One - the new one - in the living room, one in the master bedroom - we bought it when we moved to Vegas and didn't get our furniture for a month, and one in the guest/sewing room. Came with furniture from Indiana. So started with the one in the sewing room easiest to get to. Got it connected then it had to be activated. So called Direct TV. Thank goodness I got a representative, a woman, who was an angel. And she spoke English as her language. When I'd called DTV a couple of days before to order the boxes, I could barely understand the person I was talking to.  I know Not PC - but I'm old! and cranky. She walked me through every step of setting it up and getting the remote to work with that TV. Then we went to the bedroom TV. Bill had already connected it. Walked me through setting it up.  Last was the living room TV. Luckily the lady knew her business and told me, "You already have a new receiver on that TV. You don't have to change it." Then silence from her for a minute or two. "The one we just set up in your bedroom, it didn't need to be changed either. It was a recent box." OMG. "Why did they send me five boxes then", I asked. "They shouldn't have," was the reply. Great.
Then the problem became what to do with the new one still in the box and the old new one that had been already changed. The old old one from sewing room could just be thrown out after removing the card. The cards were the only things that needed to be returned. BUT...The one we didn't take out of the box has to be returned to a special place, so it needs a special mailing label that will come in the mail within 5 - 7 days. The one we replaced that didn't need to be replaced need the card put back in it and I would receive a mailing label in an email - still haven't received it. But I'll probably need to call DTV again while setting up the two in the RV. They are both old, old, old so just need to take cards out of them and then throw them out.
We were getting ready to go get it and plug into the house and change them when the new owners of the house next door showed up with a moving truck. Oh well, don't feel like fooling with the receivers anyway. The ones in the RV are hard to get to.
So they are still sitting in their boxes waiting.
With all the wind and spring pollen Bill has not felt very good the last few days, allergies taking his breath away. We went to pharmacy and got some pills recommended by pharmacist but didn't think to ask if they were non drowsy. Good night Bill.
I went to lunch with friends from Canada whom we met in Mexico, they are here for a couple of days on their way home. Left Bill sleeping. This rose was at the restaurant.
Yesterday was NASCAR race day. But will watch the end of the race today. Raining in Tennessee so postponed. Here the weather was warmer but by afternoon the wind had picked up again. And dark black clouds covered the sky. Made for an interesting sunset.

Also been watching the Las Vegas Knights hockey team playing Los Angeles. So far Knights have won the three games played. Great team.
I also finished the window yesterday. All ready to be put up.
Talk about that later...

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Jackie McGuinness said...

Right now John and I are both watching a series on our laptops that isn't even on TV.