Saturday, April 7, 2018

Lazy day Friday

We both did a whole bunch of nothing yesterday. I had a doctor appointment at 8:30 in the as.m. clear across town - about 22 miles right through middle of town when everyone else was trying to get to work.
Took an hour to get there. And then of course the 45 minute wait to see the doctor for seven minutes. Bill was smart he took his nook and waited in the car where it was warm. The doctor's office is down right chilly - even for me.
Stopped by the RV service place - they still couldn't get the camera/nav system to act up. And didn't see too interested in trying. So when we got home I called Jayco again and the Customer Service rep. Forrest Mendelshon called the RV service department. Seems like maybe they have now found the problem, but the guy we were dealing with there is not happy with us. Gave us a very curt phone call. We will pick up the RV Monday a.m. as we have to get it smogged and registered. We also will try to get something in writing from either Jayco or the dealer saying if the system quits working within the next year they will fix or replace it at no cost to us. Wish me luck with that.
I got my sewing machine set up and mended a couple of things. And watched some NASCAR. Bill got a couple new toys delivered so he spent most of the day playing with setting them up. This morning he will have to get outside right away to play  with them as we are supposed to get winds sustained at 30 to 40 with gusts up to 60/65. And the temperature for today will hit 90. UGH.
So that was it for yesterday. No pictures of any thing. Will do better for next blog.l

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