Saturday, April 21, 2018

Plumber was here problem fixed. A drone video.

For a day, Thursday,  that was blank on my calendar it sure tuned out to suddenly become a busy day.
Since we've been home I've heard gurgling in my bathroom sink. Well now we know why. Flushed and water came up in my bathtub. Glad I don't use it. Tried Liquid Plumber and things just got worse. Called our son, he no longer has any snakes. So called home warranty company. Some one will be out here today, Friday, between 10 and 2. Sure hope it is closer to 10. Kitchen and Bill's bathroom are working fine thank goodness.
Then we decided we'd better start working on getting the cars registered. First we needed to get them insured. WOW southern Nevada is very, very expensive to insure a car. And you can only get six month policies. It will cost more for six months for both cars then it cost for a whole year in Indiana. Spent better part of the afternoon on the phone with this. Finally decided to go with Progressive as we can "bundle" it with the RV insurance and they actually had the best price. Will go over to the agent Monday morning to complete all paper work and pay. Next we have to get both cars smogged. Hopefully they pass, they haven't been smogged for over 10 years. Wasn't necessary in Indiana. Haven't checked what the licenses will cost yet.
Friday - Luckily plumber came around 10:00. I think the job turned out to be more involved then anyone thought it would be. He was here over two hours. He kind of complained that there should be more ways to get into the pipes then there are. Seems like the stoppage was right in the middle of the house. Couldn't be reached from either end. Finally had to take the trap off under the kitchen and go from there. Eww - the smell. But all done now.
I was content to be home as there was NASCAR on TV most of the day. Practice, qualifying and an Xfinity race.
Finally the wind let up enough for Bill to get one of his drones outside to play with. Here is a video of the Wetlands behind us. Towards the end you can see kids playing in the play area.

Bringing it down he unfortunately lost it in the sun and crashed into a palm tree. Guess there will be a visit to the hobby shop soon to see about getting it fixed. Not damaged too bad and for sure fixable.
My ocotillo is really getting its leaves now. Every day more branches have lots of leaves on them. Doubt it will bloom this year though.
We are going to have one week without wind but it will be in the low 90's. Maybe we'll be able to get out somewhere where Bill will be able to use his drones.
I made this quilt for Bill years ago, just thought I'd share it. It is all jungle/animal prints. That is faux fir for the sashing.
A closer look at part of it.
And this is the back. Found the lion in fleece. Except for the borders there is no actual quilting on it.
Still haven't found a pattern for my baby quilt. But still have lots of magazines to go through.

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I love that quilt!