Saturday, March 31, 2018

So excited

I'm so excited I found three more tiny leaves on my ocotillo It is alive!  Also got the new plants planted and the dead ones taken out and replaced.  The gentleman we hired to do the planting and cleaning will become our permanent gardener, taking care of all the plants when we are traveling. Three bougainvilleas planted in the actual front of our house that is on the side.
The new house which is right next door across from these plants just sold last week. So we will be getting really close neighbors.
I also planted my geraniums and herbs in the planters. So they are all filled except for the two I'm going to put artificial plants in.
Also got the new TV installed just in time to watch a Barcelona soccer game. So Friday was a busy morning. 
After that we had to pick up the car and go to the market and pharmacy to get out final prescription. Phew all that is done. Oh, yes the contractor came to give an estimate on extending the patio roof. 
I made paella for dinner for company. Also baked some delicious herb bread.  
This morning we went out to breakfast and to WalMart to get a few more things. Mainly on my list were flowers for the last two planters. So now the back patio and yard are done. 
Bill bought a buffer so he can wax and buff my car. He started on it this afternoon. It really could use a new paint job...
Tried taking a picture of the full moon last night but there was a little too much mist or dust in the air. But it was a pretty sight over the desert.
Today was pretty much a do nothing day after we got home. We've been home one week and one day so I think we deserve to take it easy for the weekend. 
The RV doc is giving us grief about the nav/camera system. Of course, it started working while we were driving it over there. They are trying to say nothing is wrong with it. So if it stops again it will be out of warranty. Going to talk to Jayco and owner of RV place on Monday.

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