Friday, March 9, 2018

Hello from Los Mochis

We got up around seven this morning. I fed the birds for the last time, poor things, they will have to fend for themselves until next fall. Finished putting things away for travel then went across the street to Torres for breakfast and to say goodbye to every one there. On our way out we stopped to watch this little boy. He was fascinated by the iguana. See his little rubber iguana.
 Back to the park and finish last minute things. All hooked up and pulling out of the park about 10:10.
Up to the gas station to fill the tank. US $140.51 at 3.59 US a gallon. Then on the road by 10:30 
The Road - From Mazatlan to the first toll booth it was rough, has been patched so many times it is like riding on rail road ties. From there to Culiacan it was pretty good. All in all not a horrid road, but really could use some real repaving - no more patching. This truck was a little disconcerting. He is wrong way on our side of the road. There was a smaller truck backed right up to him and things were being transferred from big truck to small truck. hum...
 Lots of pretty trees in bloom. There were a lot of these and quite a few pretty pale pink ones but couldn't get a picture of them. 
 Where the heck is he going. In the middle of no where. Either direction is a LONG walk.
 A mimosa tree in bloom, lots of them too right around Culiacan
 The road is long, straight and boring so to wake you up every once in a while there are metal speed bumps. Hello! Not near anything, just there.
 Lots of agriculture in the area. Corn, wheat and tomatoes to name a few things. No idea what grows in these. But there are miles of them. 
 Bags of oranges for sale along the highway. No one with this bunch, he was across the other lane watching while sitting under a shelter. Wonder if he runs across all the lanes if someone stops. 
 One of many toll booths today. Six of the in fact. US$67 in tolls. A couple of them charged us for the RV and the car, others charged us as 4 axle truck. That way is more expensive. Really only a couple of pesos difference, not enough to argue about. And all of the tolls have gone up since we went south. 
A tomato processing plant. A lot of trucks full of tomatoes lined up outside it.  
 We did 244 miles - took us 5 hours. OH! I forgot to mention. at one of the agriculture inspections, which we have always been waved through - we got stopped. And they wouldn't let us go until we paid 100 pesos to have the bottom of the RV and Jeep sprayed. The receipt says "por concepto de desinsectacion". This is new. 
Here we are parked in the Pemex #4925 on the west side of the southbound lanes of 15D. Just south of Los Mochis. There are returns so it is easy to get to even when going North. Not as many trucks as the one on the north bound lane and seems to be more secure. And it has a really good restaurant named Elba. Good menu and good food. 
One of our neighbors just pulling in. I don't know how they can drive those big double trailer trucks. 
And so here we are for the night. Tomorrow we'll go to Huatabampito. Haven't been there for a couple of years. Only about 120 miles away. Funny thing is it is getting much warmer as we go north. 
Oh yah, so far the rooster is doing fine. He is wrapped in foam and cushioned with pillows in the back seat of the jeep. Fingers crossed. 


Contessa said...

Thanks for the update. I have had a discussion with the toll booth people near Culiacan and bottom line, they charge a Class A and toad as a 4 axle truck. No way around it, I even spoke with a supervisor. As you say it isn't too much more.

Safe travels. Please keep the posts coming.

Carol and Bill said...

first time we had that happened and it was at two toll booths around Culiacan.

John Boisvenue said...

Good to know that you bought that rooster and taking him back.

Carol and Bill said...

Hopefully when we get home we've still got a rooster and not a colorful puzzle