Sunday, March 4, 2018

More looks around Mazatlan and trial videos from El Quelite

Another beautiful day with blue sky and no wind - yet. Back to some pictures of the Malecon last time we were down it. The painting of the bike path continues slowly. Being done with a roller and a bucket of paint.
 A narrow strip of the bike path has been painted so the posts and bump pads can be installed. There are holes at the top of the poles so there will probably be chains put through them. 
 He is putting in the poles and the bumpers will be installed next I guess. Still a lot of work going on all over the south end of the Malecon. I wonder if it will be done by the Convention in April.
 Hosing down the new tile. 
We were just out riding around. A graduating class waiting for photo shoot in the Machado.  
Does he want to be in the pictures?  Haven't seen him around before.
 Vendor going the wrong way in a traffic jam. He was getting a few honks and waves. 
New paint jobs, colorful.  
 Found a new detour that took us here. Five streets merging for all different directions. Who is brave enough to go? At least they've all been repaved. 
 Grand son and grandmother? out for a walk. He was holding on to her hand.

I hate these things. Anyone can rent one and then tear around the city. Saw one in an accident the other day.  
 Stopped at the artisan fair again. This dress is amazing. All hand embroidered. 3200pesos for either just the skirt or the whole outfit. 
 The didn't have these the other day. Very colorful and they are like gliders. Easier to get out of then I thought they'd be. We asked the price but I don't remember what it was. But not too expensive.
Saturday morning we went to El Quelite for breakfast and for Bill to play with his drone. This time he kept the drone just above his head level and walked it up the street. I was the look out - cars coming, wires, horses etc.  I think I might have finally figured out how to get these in the blog. Hum...they are different sizes and what's with the ads??? The ads have nothing to do with us. Well back to the drawing board. 


Contessa said...

We bought a few of those lovely chairs while in Acapulco one winter. We put them in storage when we left and all that was left was the fabric. The termites ate the wood.

Can you email me when you think the artisan fair will end? Gracias.

Carol and Bill said...

I think it ended yesterday but when we went by there last night the tent was still up and it was busy. will let you know if we find out different.