Sunday, March 18, 2018

More from our time in Huatabampito

 We are still in San Carlos with the furnace running. It will start to warm up here the day after we leave. Figures. Remember the big caravan that came into Mazatlan just before we left? Then they were going to El Fuerte so we didn't go there. Well they got to Huatabampito the day we left, just missed them. And yesterday they pull here into Totanaka RV. We will be leaving for the U.S. tomorrow, Monday, they will not leave until Tuesday thank goodness. What a mess at the border that would be. 
I made banana nut muffins yesterday morning to help warm it up in here. They all came out perfect. The tile in the oven really works great. Thank everyone for the suggestion. 
We did almost nothing yesterday as it was so cool and overcast. Did go to check out another RV park at a hotel in Guaymas. It looks good but the road in has lots of big topes, plus you have to drive through part of Guaymas. We'll decided if/when we come back next year. And of course we made a WalMart run. Then last night we went out to dinner with our friends who live here. Nice evening. 
But back to Huatabampito. Here is another drone video Bill took over the El Mirador RV and Hotel.     

Thought I'd take some pictures of the set up here in El Mirador RV. This is the restaurant building from the front as you drive in. It also has the restrooms.
Looking out towards the campground. 30amps, water, sewer and good WiFi.  
 Our favorite spot. Almost right on the beach. The beach is long and not very busy. You can drive quite a ways in both directions on it. But stay out of the soft sand. Bill pulled out one person who got stuck while we were there. The side door into the restaurant and the open air patio part of the restaurant. Good food. Mostly sea food. Just open for lunch and dinner. 
 The open air patio. Usually there is nice not real loud music playing.
 A new bar has been added to the open air patio. Also there is an entirely new prep kitchen inside.
The inside eating area. A new check in counter. Also new and remodeled bathrooms.
Looking north outside. Enrique, the owner is going to be making a lot of changes in the next few years. The RV park will be moved to this side - planning on 60 spaces. Some will be available for long term lease. If leased you will be able to build palapas. Loads of dirt is already being brought in to level the area. On the south side where the RV park is now he is planning on building more hotel rooms.

Looking north I saw this and went to investigate. It is just a shell of a small building. 

Interesting to find out in the middle of no where. The south facing side.
 The north facing side. I hope who ever did this is using his talent.
 The seagulls - see the piece of roll in the air. One of the birds coming up caught it and took off. 

One of those birds has a big piece of bread and the others are trying to get it away from him. Lots of squawking going on. 
 Just some pictures from around the area. Resting under the tree.
 Taking his horses for a walk.
 The whole wall around one of the schools had different signs, ads, slogans on it. This is something about how to prevent catching a disease. 
 Bill washing the horrid caked on smelly stuff from the drive we took on the beach. If he parked the Jeep in front of the open RV door we could smell it UGH. The attendant watching him. 
And the next morning we left. I still have to finish posting about Yavaros. Will work on it a little today.
Just went by the San Carlos sign and they are taking it down!  What the heck? 
This was the restaurant Charlie's Rock in November
 Sane restaurant today. Why?
And we went from the white coach an Alfa to our present coach. 
no it isn't ours just one like it. 
Things keep changing. Next post will be from Arizona.


stephen said...

Loved Mirador. Will miss seeing your Mexico pictures everyday. They bring back many memories and ideas for our next visit. Safe travels.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you, I'll try to continue to find pictures, but of the states.

Contessa said...

They RV park in Guaymas has as bad electricity as Totonaka. Based on your description of getting there we might just spend the night at a Pemex instead of coming into San Carlos.