Thursday, March 1, 2018

Murals about town

Sun is out this morning but it is still pretty cool. Had the furnace running all night. More that the heavy wind is cold than the air. Until next week this will be our last busy day. Have to go to market this morning, then have lunch with John and Jackie who will be heading home to Canada this afternoon. And this evening going to Fat Fish with John and Shirley who will be spending the night here in Mazatlan on their way home driving to Idaho. Next week we'll be preparing to leave. Leaving on the 9th. Need to do last minute shopping, get our TelCel MiFi up and working again and get the laundry done.
Here are our murals. That is the closest we could get the vehicles together. Wonder how many comments and weird looks we'll get on the road. 
Had breakfast at Lucky B's in the Golden Zone the other day. This mural is in their sales room. Strange collection of people. 
A closer look at one corner of it. 
Then we walked across the alley to go into a new bar in town PinUps - our painter friend Gilberto did several painting inside it. All of the "pinup" type.

This is on the outside wall in the front of the bar. 
Another one inside.
This is in hall leading to bathrooms. 
This is on the double doors to bathroom. That's why it has the line down through it.
Just walking down the street in the Golden Zone. So many of the pulmonias have been refurbished this year. New bright trim paint and new canopy. Some have antennas on top - orange one and some have their spare tire covers painted. Look really nice.
Walked out through a hotel to the beach. A very windy day, more vendors than tourists on the beach. 
Continued walking. This is the Maya jewelry store. Interesting building. 

The ceiling inside the main showroom. Worth going into to see all the interesting stuff for sale.

Jackie and I continued walking around the corner to the Mango Distillery. Bill and John picked up the car and drove to meet us. 
They give tours, but it is only two rooms - short tour I guess. Also have tasting. Neither of us imbibed.
Pretty bar though.
By the time we walked through the Jeep was out front. Drove past a restaurant that has just changed hands and been repainted. This guy is on one of the outer walls. Interesting design and lots of work in it.
Yesterday morning the four of us went to Centro to have breakfast outside under the awnings at the Via Condotti restaurant. The owner came out and asked us to move inside as it was not safe to sit under the awnings with the wind blowing so hard. Not long after we got inside the awnings were pulled up. Wind continued entire day. In fact they were so bad a trimaran was blown up on the rocks in the Golden Zone and it broke up from the battering.  
Lots of eating out today. Have already been out to get groceries. Birds were out of food and complaining about it. Also stocking up on some things we can only get here that we want to take home.
Sustained winds yesterday were over 25mph - with big gusts. Don't ever remember it being this cool or windy here. 


Wendy said...

Love the vehicles, but the cab over needs to be done hey Bill next years project. I have been home for 2 weeks now and been sick the whole time yuck. Have a safe trip home

Jackie McGuinness said...

Thanks, guys! We had a great time with you both and really appreciate being "captured tourists!"

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you - but he really doesn't need any ideas.

Carol and Bill said...

our pleasure. next year we will get you your own label for door.