Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Errands and more errands.

A day spent running a bunch of errands. First we had to drop the Jeep off at the mechanics. We noticed in Arizona that it had a vibration. Thought at first a wheel weight had been lost. Nope. It was WAY out of alignment, thanks to the many topes we encountered on the drive home. The mechanic stressed WAY OUT. I guess being dragged across the topes upsets it.
From the mechanics to clear across town to pick up our forwarded mail from the mail box place. Again they mentioned that we exceeded their limit of 40 pieces of mail in our box. And throughout the winter I'd had them scan a few pieces and throw out things that weren't important. Oh well. But they did tell us that they can now send us our mail over the winter through DHL. I know DHL delivers to Mexico so we'll see.
From there to Friendly Hobbies - the hobby shop where Bill gets his drones. OMG there is a new drone! While he was there I went to the wonderful yardage shop next door. Got out of there without buying any thing. And he got out of the hobby shop without any purchases either. Both of us were being good. HOWEVER - they have opened a new shop NEAR us. In fact in the same shopping center as the WalMart we always go to
Then to our son's office but neither he nor his wife were there.
Then to the stained glass shop where I picked up the piece of glass I need to finish my window. So far we've just brought it home and set it in the garage on the table where I work on the window. I haven't even uncovered the window yet.
Then we stopped to pick up the Jeep. Have to drive it for a couple of days then take it back in to make sure the alignment solved the vibration problem. And we left off my car, the Mustang, it has been giving us a problem when starting. Got the call a while ago, needs new fuel pump. It's 20 years old so guess I shouldn't complain.
Came home for a bit then off again to get some stuff for the backyard and the new planters. Fertilizer, planter mix, clippers etc.
Finally got home a little after three.
Been going through the mail and warming up corned beef for dinner.
Tomorrow morning bright and early we take the RV in to get the warranty issues taken care of.
After writing the above I was too tired to finish this. So will do it now. Another day of errands.
Went to drop off the RV, then to breakfast. Came home and took care of some things that had come in the mail while we were gone. Mainly health insurance things. One I had to call on and was very pleasantly surprised how nice the conversations went and how quickly and easily my concerns were taken care of.
Then off to Home Depot to get some shelving for the new planters. Then to get gas. While sitting in the gas station I got a call from our son that his girls, cleaning ladies, were sitting out in front of our house. Luckily we were only a couple of blocks from home. Usually I'd know because I'd have to let them in the gate, but the gate code box wasn't working and they had to call the office to get in.
So Now - it is late afternoon, the mail has all been taken care of, our prescriptions will be ready to be picked up tomorrow, doctor's appointments have been made and the house is sparkling clean. Thank You Mayberry's Maids of Las Vegas!
And as soon as Bill gives me a hair cut I am going to get out my new Nook and just veg out. Phew!
And we already have another shopping list going.
By the way - the weather is perfect to be running around. The wind has finally let up.


Mark said...

Hmmmmmmm, Do see another drone in Bills future.

Carol and Bill said...

NO! I got your table cloth out and looked at it today.

Mark said...

Ha Ha, well I hope your right. I'm looking forward to seeing it and getting it from you in Mazatlán or before. And I'm talking about my table cloth, not Bills new drone when he gets it :)

Mark said...

And I can't thank you enough for doing that for me.