Monday, March 12, 2018

Just wandering around Huatabampo

The wind is blowing here so hard we cannot go outside. Mornings are fine but by late afternoon - ugh. One thing the RV will need a good cleaning with an industrial vacuum. 
Have spent time today making an appointment with the RV doc when we get home. We will be cutting it really short with our warranty from Jayco. We now have an appointment for March 28th. So tomorrow I will have to try to get a hold of someone at Jayco. Can't call there 800 number from Mexico. Called the RV doc back and got a regular number but by then the Jayco place was closed as it was after 5:00. I'll email the guy we talked to before when the Nav system quit working and will also try calling him tomorrow morning. Always fun. 
Also because now we will be home sooner than planned I have to get a hold of Direct TV to have our service turned back on and of Verizon to add some GBs to our account for our MiFi. Oh I almost forgot also Cox to get our home Internet turned back on. But I can do that from the states. 
But anyway...Just some pictures I've taken in the last couple of days. Guess he had been out gathering wood. 
Cactus and blue sky with puffy white clouds. Perfect view. 
A field of winter wheat just few hundred feet away - what a difference water makes. 
Ladies standing at one of the many topes collecting for a church. 
This is a different sign from the header. These letters are on the north end of town.

More of the demon chasers. Part of the Mayo and Yaqui Indian traditions. 
Good thing the wind wasn't blowing in Huatabampo or he'd be playing Mary Poppins.
A big candy store in town. What were those flat candies called? Necco Wafers or something. Anyway that's what it reminds me of. 
Poor little motor scooter, poor kid, can she even breathe?
How many people can fit in the back of a pick up. In this picture I can count 10 and there already a couple of little kids sitting in the bed of the truck. 
Oh yes! It did get hot here yesterday. Maybe I shouldn't have complained so much about the cool of Mazatlan. Funny things is we are 300 miles further north. 
A Volkswagen Bug gathering at the restaurant yesterday. I guess the Spider Man one we saw yesterday wasn't invited. 
I mentioned the wind. What were they thinking trying to put up this umbrella. Good thing they didn't get it up. It would have ended up in Mazatlan somewhere. See her hair blowing and the blanket wrapped around her legs. High wind people. 
Last night we ate dinner in the restaurant. Pretty good. We ate inside.
Bill was up early enough this morning to grab a picture of a pretty sunrise. 
Where there was once one now there are many. Seagulls that is once Bill started throwing the tortillas to them. 
We had to go into town to go to the grocery store. It is a good sized Ley Supermercado. This area is selling candied fruit. 
The deli area.
Fresh fish and or fish parts. 
These are doggy clothes. Mostly for little doggies. 
Different kinds of cakes.
And a large assortment of flavors of Tang.
Bill didn't find the fresh bread he likes at the Ley so we stopped at the Calimax grocery store. And wonder of wonder he found something he looked all over Mazatlan for. Canned chicken salad. He bought some last year and really liked it. Good for a snack with crackers or good in a regular salad. In Mazatlan all he could find was canned tuna salad. The store is ordering a case for him to be picked up tomorrow. Happy Camper  here he is getting a taste of the white chocolate shavings the girl is using to decorate cakes. 
We took the dirt road along the irrigation canals home. Saw a few birds. 
He was weird looking. 

Then we took a short drive on the empty beach. But we'll let him go first. 

 Just us and the birds.  
More than enough for today. Actually going to cook dinner tonight, we have to use up the stuff we can't take back into the U.S.


Contessa said...

Cool and foggy here in Mazatlan. Stayed inside with the door and windows closed. Oh and I was wearing a sweater.

Carol and Bill said...

it seemed like this winter was the coldest we've ever had there