Saturday, March 10, 2018

On to Huatabampito

And a different day it was. Good and ugly. But before we go there here is last nights sunset from the truck stop in Los Mochis. Very pretty. 
 And on to this morning. It is a good thing we'd already decided not to go to El Fuerte because the 25 rig caravan was going there. As it turned out that was a good decision. This morning when running the microwave using the generator to heat the coffee we suddenly had no 112 volt electricity! After much searching and pushing and switching switches we decided that the transfer switch on the generator went. So unless we're plugged in we have no electricity for the good things, microwave, toaster, laptop etc. 
Headed out front to the restaurant to get coffee and breakfast. That too was entertaining for lack of a better word. I ordered coffee and water and got a very blank look from the young waiter. No English  so Bill ordered in Spanish dos cafes y vaso de agua. The lights came on in his eyes and he nodded. Then Bill ordered dos pan francias  2 French Toasts, he also ordered tocina - bacon. We got one order of pancakes and one order of french toast, then another order of french toast, no bacon. Finally got it straightened out that we didn't want pancakes and they took them back. Forget the bacon. 
Back to the RV and to the gas station in the front. Oops they don't take credit cards. Good thing we'd picked up some cash our last days in Mazatlan. Tank full we were off. The road was good as far as the first toll booth and the only toll booth all day. And it was okay up to the Military check point. Just a couple of rough spots where it had been patched too many time. 
 We were just waved through it. Road still good. Scenery and weather perfect. Lots of crops along the road. 
 Starting to get a little bad as we neared the state line with Sonora. A horse grazing along the road. 
 Leaving Sinaloa and entering Sonora. 
Another check point this one for agriculture.  road is new asphalt with lots and lots of topes.  They just asked if we had any apples or oranges. Nope, waved on. Then the fun began. 
You can see here the asphalt is breaking up a little. I like the Zoo designation. Between this check point and the arch ahead was the roughest piece of road - no that is being nice - POS we have ever driven over.  [I'm afraid to look at the rooster.]
 It took us 20 minutes to traverse it. You could put bathtubs in some of the holes. 
 Even the trucks were barely moving. 
Check this part out. So travelers beware - when you reach this check point. No apples or oranges or unskilled drivers. GO SLOW.
 And the the dirt back up to the highway. What a mess. 
 I wouldn't brag about it. But it will be nice WHEN it gets finished.
 An okay section, decent asphalt, both directions on the south bound lanes. At least there is a shoulder. 
 Now we're going to change to the south bound lanes for a while. 
 This is't so nice - teeth rattling. No room for mistakes.  
And then they throw in a great piece of road just to tease you. What part of double yellow solid line isn't understood here. He just made it in front of the other truck. 
This is all between kilometer 70 to 120. This is my road log of that area. 

Speaking of the other truck watch this video. Have a tope! Five here.
And then five more. Lovely Estacion Luis. 
We finally reached the turn of to Huatabampo. This road thank heavens has been repaired lately. But we did miss the tope just before this one. Now we are watching closer.
 Just before the turn to Huatabampito we were going through another little town and came across a funeral procession. Lots of people walking behind hearse then lots of cars following them. 

 Passing through La Saville there are eight or nine big topes. This was the fist one; We knew it was there because of the vendor next to it. 
 Cocos a la viagra?
Pulling into the El Mirador RV park. Only four other rigs there. 
 The view from our front window. 
Today a tank of gasoline, one toll booth, one military check point, one agricultural check point, some good and some really bad road. 116 miles took three hours. 
We are at El Mirador RV Park. Not sure of the price yet. The WiFi is good, my TelCel doesn't work here because there is only a Moviestar signal. We have good 30 amp power, water and sewer and there is a good restaurant here. We are 16 miles from the bigger town of Huatabampo. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Did you buy some cocos ala viagara?

Carol and Bill said...

Didn't even slow down as we passed them. Might be fun to top and ak about them though.

John Boisvenue said...

Enjoyed the ride with you on those roads. Definitely need to be a patient driver.
Sure do miss you guys. Drive safe.

Contessa said...

Thank you for such an accurate update. Teeth rattling just to read it. NOw you get to relax for a bit.

Doug and Nancy said...

Hey Carol - Where did you get the road log?