Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sights in Mazatlan

We are keeping busy doing everything that needs to be done before we hook up and head out. So this blog will be just pictures of things we've seen and or done the last couple of days.  Probably not much commentary just sharing the life of Mazatlan. This was yesterday morning at the Torres where we went for breakfast. Isn't he just saying "I own this."
 This smaller guy was sneaking out from under the plant. Don't tell him I'm here.
 For the last time this winter we dropped off our laundry. Picked it up today. Sure going to miss that service. When we get home return to real life, cooking, cleaning and laundry. Oh well, until next winter. 
 Even over here on the north side of the marina work is going on to beautify the city. All of these trees were just planted.
 Some how I don't think this one is going to make it. 
We stopped at the art fair again to get some more bread. Bill struck up a conversation with these guys and gal who were just there shopping. They are military police. Bill ended up taking them to the bread people and buying them some. They looked about 15 years old!
Ah yes, a picture - notice the two guys aren't in it.  
Heading towards Centro along the Malecon. Never know where or if the lane will be blocked. A lot to do yet in this area.  

 Painting another part of the bike path. Little by little. One is sweeping the area, one is painting and one is guarding the bucket of paint.
Several of the pictures I'll be posting the next few days will be about the traffic in town. It is a challenge getting around sometimes. Good thing this van isn't any wider. Bill enjoys the challenge. Says he is more comfortable driving here than in Las Vegas. I'm more comfortable riding in Vegas!
 A two lane street. and a street cleaner coming down  the middle going against the traffic. I wish I could also share the noise. Half of the pulmonias and red pickups have their stereos blasting on super loud. You can hear them coming from two blocks away. Then add in the horns, the whistle the pulmonias use to attract passengers and the loud buses. And of course the music blasting from some of the stores. Amazing - add in the bright colors and all your senses are being assaulted  awakened at once. 
 I took a picture of him the other day walking down the middle of the street with his buckets on a pole across his shoulders. This is on the street that runs up alongside the Central Market. Guess this is his "store." The grapes look good. 
 Out of the bustle of downtown on yet another detour. Lovely street with big pretty trees.  
 Color everywhere, even in the cars. 
Going back the other way, north, along the Malecon. Lots of construction on this side too. Every other block you have to change lanes because of something going on. 
 Still lots of plants needing to be planted along the center divider of the Malecon.
 The lagoon is really full, in fact water was spilling out over the sidewalk
 New trees and holes dug for new plants, look like agaves.
 Some of the little businesses along this stretch of the road. Most are only about 10 feet wide. This is a meat market, they sell dairy products and tortillas too. Also cooked carne asada and tacos.
 A little bit of everything in this mini super. Especially soda and chips.
 Grilled or roasted chicken and meat. The meat includes salsa tortillas, onion and chile toreado  for free.
 And here they are trimming the older trees. Never a clear path from A to B.
And then we were home. Today we had another fun day driving all over town. Doing "our last time here until next year" things.


Doug and Nancy said...

Nooooo....it can't be over yet!!!! How will I manage to work when I can't sneak a peak and see what you two crazy kids are up to?? Well, good thing is that you did say "until next year"so that means when we come down next winter, you'll be there!!!!! :-)

Carol and Bill said...

If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise we'll be here checking out our garden.