Thursday, March 29, 2018

Where's the hen?

Up in time to see the sunrise this morning. Not spectacular but pretty. 
And I actually managed to get out and take a short walk this morning. Figured I'd better start small and work up to long walks. 
Some of the backyard plants that managed to make it through the winter. 
Oh Oh where's the hen? Oops she is right next to the rooster. Something going on there? Bill put us some shelving to put the planters we bought in Mexico on. These two and one under the kitchen window. Later I got some red geraniums for the pot on the table.
Think I'll be putting plastic flowers in these, cause if we go away they won't get any water. 
I'll have to keep my eye on them. 
The planter under the kitchen window, plan on putting herbs in it. Looks funny because of the reflection from outside. You can also see the Easter stained glass sun catchers and the pink flower stained glass clear across the house in the little room.
My piece of glass to finish the window. The window is under the quilt. 
This is the window as of today. Need to put the border with the new glass all around the edges where the white pattern is.
I did go out and clean up my work area so now I'm ready to get started. 
All the way home through Arizona I was admiring the ocotillos blooming. Couldn't wait to see mine. Very disappointed to see it. At first I though it was dead. The flower looking things are twinkle lights. 

But on closer inspection I found two tiny leaves. So maybe it will be okay. 
We picked my car up from the mechanic earlier and left the Jeep again. Needs new ball joints in front. After picking up the convertible we went to the nursery and got some plants to replace the few we lost and Bill got his bougainvilleas. Tomorrow they will get planted. Also got the herbs for the kitchen planter. Convertible comes in handy to bring tall plants home.
Tomorrow the man will come to plant the plants. A contractor is coming to give us an estimate to extend the patio cover and Best Buy will be coming to bring our new TV. The old big one in the living room needs to be replaced. And we are having company for dinner. So another busy day. 
Hopefully over the weekend we do something interesting.

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