Wednesday, March 7, 2018

More Mazatlan sights.

Tuesday out and about. The really, really, really blue hotel out by us. It got painted last week. They've been building on it all winter. Getting close to done.
 The man who carries the pan of bread and his shadow. Still don't know his story but he sure walks a long ways every day. 
 Picked up our nice clean, folded laundry then headed to Centro again. Almost all of these buildings have been repainted. 
The doors to the mechanics garage right in the middle of nice homes. Don Quixote, Rosinate the horse and Sancho Panza.
Walking from the parking lot - this is the Hop on Hop off bus. Did I mention there was a big cruise ship in.  
 Yep this is bazaar. 
 When we were heading for the parking lot we went by the Via Condotti and asked this waiter to save us a table. Told him we'd be there in five/no make that ten minutes. I think we made it in less than five. So we had a nice outside table under the awnings. 
 After breakfast walking to the Central Mercado. Check out the dog on the second floor laying in the window. 
Stopped at Parisina - the yardage store. Didn't find any material I liked but did buy a new tablecloth for the RV. The plastic kind. Nice design on it but won't use it until our next trip somewhere. The one we have now is getting stained. 
First you find a clerk to cut the yardage, then you go to one counter to pay for your purchase Cajas where you pay - then to Entrega de mercancia - where you pick it up. 

Then across to the Central Market. A lot of construction going on in there; redoing the stairs to the upstairs. 
 Where the tiles have been removed there are raised areas - Right after I took this picture a woman on her phone ran into this cone! Hello...
On cruise ship day there are lots and lots of people in the market.  
 Telling one of our friends there that we will be leaving in a couple of days, but will see her next winter. 
 Another "watch where you are walking."
 Back to the parking lot. Bill had bought them both cinnamon rolls again. I think I heard something about setting a wedding date. If you didn't read the blog a week or so ago - that is a joke. The older man told me that if I didn't want Bill he would take him. Again over cinnamon rolls. 
 Looks like they should get hazardous pay for this job. 
 Now this is a WIDE street. And newly paved. Hum sign says no parking. 
The bus in on a major through street. See the tall guys? They are in a stake bed truck. Then there is a three wheeled vendor, can just see his sign. Then the car who while they are stopped is picking someone up. Then us. No one going any where fast. Lots and lots of buses out today. 
 We were actually stopped right next to the central post office. A post man getting ready to deliver the mail. 
 A walking tour of tourists in front of the Cathedral. 
 A riding tour group of tourists right across the street. This is the courtyard in front of the government building. No idea why it is blocked off with the tarps. 
 See the propane delivery guy crossing the street with the propane tank on his shoulder. His truck - Gaspasa almost has the street blocked, but not quite.
 Whoa - another building has been painted. This is next to the Plazuela Machado there is not roof just the walls, for a few years it was a parking lot. Then one year it was just closed. I don't remember what color it was but for sure wasn't pink and green. 
 The pulmonia that was in front of us, backed up and took the other street. Will we fit? Just barely and only because I scrunched in so much.  
 Notice they only paint the fronts of the buildings. The sides are just ignored. This is the watch makers building and home. We finally have everything picked up, Bills watches and my glasses.
Only two more sleeps and we'l be on the road north. Seems like winter went fast this year. 


SandyM said...

We enjoy the pictures you take around Mazatlan so very much - like the garage doors of a very familiar place for us. Thank you so much for sharing them all with us.

Doug and Nancy said...

It went fast for all of us!! I can't believe it's time for you to head north already!! Bawhaaaa......

Carol and Bill said...

We've been here since Nov 9th 4 months - it did seem to go fast.

Unknown said...

I hate to see you heading home. I love your adventures in Mazatlan. Thanks for sharing

Kate said...

I understand from Mazatlán friends that the neighbours are not ecstatic about the blue hotel. I think it is pretty ugly, too. Went to the San Francisco Quilt shop on Carnaval this morning and I will post some photos of it tomorrow. You must have missed it; it's quite a shop with an interesting history!