Saturday, March 3, 2018

Random pictures from Mazatlan

Boy for the first morning in what seems like weeks there is absolutely no wind. Not even a slight breeze. Hope it stays that way most of the day. It's been so bad it has been blowing the leaves off our plants. 
This is just some pictures I'v taken as we wandered around a times. This flute player is in the main plaza - Plaza Republica - across from the church. Beautiful music. We bought one of his CDs a couple years ago and I don't know where I put it. Hopefully it is at home. 
 There was a boat in this day and the traffic was horrendous. Lots of tourist vans, taxis and pulmonias on the road and looking for parking. We had two main reasons to be downtown this day. Pick up my computer glasses from the optometrist - just had new lenses put in them. They were ready. And now it does't always look foggy to me.
 Into the Central Mercado looking for fruit. Always better here than in the super markets. Especially the grapes.
 He was headed somewhere to sell his wares. Strawberries and a couple of other fruits. 
 Just a well kept pretty house with a nice courtyard and beautiful flowering plants. Just a couple of buildings from the Plazuela Machado. We planned on going to lunch at the Via Condotti the outdoor restaurant next to the cinnamon roll bakery. But we were too early for lunch so ended up walking around a bit. 
 This is an interesting place. A bar and an art gallery. This is the bar area. They also have tables on the sidewalk in the afternoon and evening. 
 The art? gallery part. They have some strange stuff in here. How would this look in your living room?
 But these I like. they are wooden shoe forms like they use to make the sandals. These have been painted. All different sizes. 
Up into the Plazuela Machado. I still am shell shocked over the colors they painted these buildings. These of all buildings should be in bright colors. It is one whole side of the Plazuela. UGLY!!!! Three different restaurants in this picture - actually four but one isn't open.

There were a couple of cruise ships in town so these guys perform here in the plaza. Between groups of tourists. Their huge feathered head dresses off and their drums and large shell silent. I've posted pictures and videos of them dancing. 
 The plants that were planted a couple of years ago are really looking nice. 
Lunch time so back to the restaurant. We got the only open table and sat down. The waiter took our order but while waiting for it we saw the owner talking to the waiters. One came over to us and apologized and asked us to please move inside. The wind was blowing so bad the awnings were whipping around. Too dangerous to stay outside. So here we are inside. Soon after going in we watched the awnings being taken down. 
 Bill's pizza - the pear and prosciutto one.
 John and Jackie shared this one. Not sure what it is. Prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, arugula and cheese that I can see. They said it was delicious. I had meatballs and salad and fresh bread. We were all happy.
 The empty outside tables. The awnings rolled up.
 The day that John and Jackie left - March 1 - we met them for lunch at Torres. He was out taking the sun. For once a rather warm day.
 Later that afternoon John and Shirley arrived from Aticama on their way home to Idaho. So we all went out to dinner to Fat Fish. On the way home we noticed the moon. Taken from the RV park could not get a really good shot of it. Too many lights in the RV park. Sure was pretty. 
 Bill has been busy again. The new additions to the Jeep. My side. When we came out of Fat Fish a couple was standing by the car waiting for a table. She turned to me and said, "Carol, I really like your car." Huh? Who is she that she knows my name. I guess she saw my puzzled look and pointed to the door. 
I told Bill he should get ones for the back doors saying, "Captured Tourists" but not this year as all our tourist have returned home already. And I was kidding. 


Contessa said...

Do not like the new colors at the Plazuela.

SandyM said...

Like the brightly painted shoe forms but oh, oh, oh.....the dreary colors at Plaza Machado!

Carol and Bill said...

I know - they are painting so many buildings bright bright colors and then the ones everyone goes to are ugly.

Carol and Bill said...

It is a horrible choice of colors. Wonder who chose the colors.