Monday, March 5, 2018

More from El Quelite, Mexico

Monday, now it decided to warm up and the wind stops. Well for the morning anyway - it will probably be blowing by afternoon. Still is getting cold at night with the wind. I think we only went out at night a few times this year. Just been too cool to enjoy sitting outside for any length of time.
Well we only have four more sleeps here in Mazatlan before we leave. So already starting to get the "half to do things" done. Bill is outside putting ant destroyer - this place has leaf cutter ants big time. - around our garden. It is the kind of insecticide that doesn't bother any other animal. And he is re arranging the outside compartments. Thursday will be the busy day getting everything ready to travel.
But back to El Quelite, we went there on Saturday for breakfast and a drone walk. Weather was great, though a little warm there.

All the vegetation around here is really getting dry. Not much greenery left. But after all it is winter. 
Lots of police and army trucks out and about that day. In fact where the road we go east on meets the old 15 - the free road - there was a road block. Federal police stopping the north/south bound traffic. They waved us around them. This is on the road going into El Quelite.
 It always surprises me that these fires don't really spread with all the dry grass around. No one is tending it. Don't know if it was set or is an accidental fire. Something like this in California would take out hundreds of acres. 
All the crops seem to be growing nicely. Sorghum I think.
Little town before the turn off to El Quelite. You really, really slow down going through it. The dreaded Vibradores. One of the reasons we always try to take the toll roads.
We'd both forgotten that it was the weekend and were surprised at how many people were in El Quelite. All the vendors remembered what day it was though. 
Just thought it was a pretty picture. 
The new entrance has been painted white. Wonder what else he might add to it by the time we see it again.
I had stopped to take a couple of pictures and Bill continued into the restaurant. When I got inside I stood there for a bit looking for him. A couple of waitresses came up to me and told me he had gone to the back of the restaurant. Think we've been there a few times for them to know both of us. 
We ended up sitting back in a corner. Had company right away  a rooster and this white duck. The rooster chased the duck off. Lots of noise and feathers flying. 
This is the belligerent rooster. This hen is with him all the time. When she laid down he laid next to her and put his head on her rump. Too many shadows to get a picture of that. Cute.
This is what you get to eat before you even order. They also give you fresh squeezed OJ but neither of us drink it. Fruit dish, 2 kinds of salsa, chips, two types of pudding cream. Like clotted cream. And cheese.  You can get American or Mexican coffee.
I had scrambled eggs with ham and a side order of chilaquiles. What are they you ask? Well - Typically, corn tortillas cut in quarters and lightly fried are the basis of the dish.[1] Green or red salsa is poured over the crisp tortilla triangles, called totopos. The mixture is simmered until the tortilla starts softening. Pulled chicken is sometimes added to the mix. It is commonly garnished with crema, shredded queso fresco, raw onion rings and avocado slices.
Bill had carne asada with fries and guacamole.  The meat is marinaded for 24 hours then cooked quickly over a grill. 
Colorful purses and backpacks for sale. All machine made though. No hand embroidery. 
A trash can that says El Quelite Pueblo Magico - Unfortunately El Quelite isn't one. Not enough history to be designated one. 
While Bill was walking down the street with his drone I saw this guy up on a porch. 
You know you've been in Mazatlan a long time when a pulmonia pulls up to you in El Quelite and the driver yells, "Hi Bill how've you been? What have you been doing?" And a long conversation follows while his passengers just sit there and listen. I was the pulmonia driver that took us to the paint shop when the RV was getting painted. Guess he recognized the car. 
All sorts of things to look out for when walking and flying the drone. Overhead wires, cobblestone streets, traffic and horses. He tried to stay on the smooth paved part. 
Lots of people interested in what he was doing. Good way to meet people. 
He took a long video. First I split it in half, then I reduced the size of it and then saved it and then uploaded it to YouTube. Takes a long time for such a short piece. I've got to learn more about how to do it easier. Yesterday we changed the size of the original picture the drone takes. Hope that helps.

Here he is looking into the restaurant. 
The second part of the video. Also have to trim out parts when the drone stops moving and just looks at one thing for a long time. 

Putting it away. Doesn't take up much room when it is all folded up. 
So who is going the right way? Well both of us but there is only one lane open...
Looks like they are getting a new roof. Wonder how old the original one was?
By the time - about noon when we got to the campground the temperature has dropped 10 degrees from inland. 
Sunday we pretty much kept at home except for going out to dinner. Kyle #18 NASCAR came in 2nd in the Las Vegas race. Pretty good with a not so good car. He won the truck race on Friday. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Great pic of the food! I'm going to "borrow" it.

Jackie McGuinness said...

I finally figured out how to cut part of a video using Movie Maker.