Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Amado, AZ

We got here to Mountain View  RV Ranch yesterday afternoon.
It is a Passport America park for two nights, has good wifi and good 30 amp electric, water and sewer. Most spots are pull through. Nice laundry room and a small store. Also cable TV. It got really cold, for us, here last night. The furnace was running all night and we both got up and put on long pants, Bill a long shirt and me a heavy t-shirt. 
As soon as it warmed up a little we headed for Green Valley to go to Denny's for breakfast. I got my favorite Everyday value slam $4.99. A perfect breakfast for me, just enough and not too much. Bill had an avocado chicken salad without the avocado. Both of us happily fed. 
Then on to WalMart. My favorite shoes - Earth Spirit sandals - were in. Got three pair, one in each color. White, beige and black [first year they've had black in a long time.] Bill managed to find two golf type shirts with pockets for 7.88 each. 
Then on home where Bill changed the license plate on the Jeep. We always put an old expired plate on the car when we go to Mexico. Then if it somehow falls off we haven't lost our real plate. 
Had planned on leaving here tomorrow morning but checked the weather reports and Thursday the day we'd be getting home there is 70% chance of rain in Vegas and winds up to 38mph. No thank you, not driving in that. So we will probably be leaving here, Amado, on Thursday if it isn't raining here. We could possibly be home by Saturday. We'll see.
Tomorrow we are talking about going to Tucson to the Best Buy there to see about replacing our Garmin GPS - IF they have one with Mexico on it. 
It doesn't seem as cold tonight as it was last night. 

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