Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Yavaros - little fishing town.

Been busy this morning Cleaning tons of sand out of the RV - everything was gritty. So far today the wind has not been bad and the weather not quite so hot. 
Talked to the customer service representative from Jayco this morning. He has authorized all the repairs needed even if they will be done after our warranty expires. We also have an appointment with Walker RV in Vegas for the 28th. We took possession of the RV on March 29 2016. Cutting it close. I also have called Direct TV and had our service turned back on. And filled out for for post office to start sending our mail back to our house.
Still have to deal with Verizon for the Mifi and Cox for our Internet at home. I have a list and am checking it more than twice. 
Took a drive on the beach this morning but will post about it in another blog. This one will be about the little fishing village of Yavaros. Every time we come to Huatabampito we go there to see how things are going.  Sadly to say not too well. I'm going to reference a lot of older posts so you will understand what I'm talking about. 
Our very first visit to Yavaros.  It was a very interesting and memorable visit. It was in 2009.  Click here for first visit. It was a lively and busy town then. When it was fun to go there. 
Our 2nd time there was in 2010 and can be read about by Clicking here.
So many things have changed there since then. Things that should have made a good difference. The new Harbor Masters office built after the salvage operation that is mentioned in the blog refereed to below.
 The first time we were here this entire wharf was lined with shrimping boats, roped together three deep in places. One time when we were here there were a couple of beautiful new company boats here. They too are gone. 
 Now there are four sad looking boats here. The rest of the wharf is empty. The man in the green is fishing from the wharf.
So is he. 

 And this guy/gal just plain gave up and sank. It makes me so sad to see this. There was so much hope when the salvaging was being done. 
See where the pelicans are sitting out in the water. That is all that remains of the sunken boats. This one was impossible to bring up. Read all about the salvage operation by clicking here - there is a two part blog about it. It was really interesting to watch..
 For another look at this area six years ago click here.   Maybe because it was Sunday there was no activity with the fishermen. Bill says we are going to go back tomorrow. Hopefully we will discover some thing we missed the other day 

 This pier, on the left to middle of the picture is new from when we first went there. It too is being neglected. 
 Having fun in the water
 Maybe the tide was just out.

Going to stop and post this now. Tomorrow I'll finish it. To see why this post was hard to write click on the links and read the previous posts. 
Oh - the wind didn't blow today - calls for a celebration. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I know how long these posts can take.

Mari Borrego said...

Happy to hear you are on your way back home. Safe travels & many many blessings!

Carol and Bill said...

we should be home by the 24th. can't wait.