Thursday, March 22, 2018

More from Pima Air Museum

Hopefully my next post will be from home. We have been trailing the bad weather. Vegas had lots of rain today, but should be sunny the rest of the week. 
Back to the air museum. As always I took a lot more pictures than I could ever post. Had to make choices. This was a WWII hanger. 
 The pilot of the above plane. 
 They all looked so young and sure of themselves. 

 Over 80 acres outside full of planes. Just a few pictures as we walked around looking at them. 

 General Eisenhower's plane. 

 The super or "pregnant" guppy. We saw a lot of them flying out of Van Nuys airport in California when we lived there.

 One hanger for one airplane. Very interesting. 

 A painting on the wall of a cut away of the plane. Nose gunner doesn't look very comfortable. 
 Full of bombs
 Guns - front, back and sides. 

The tail gunner. 
 I had to buy this in the museum store. So cute. 

 So today we got a little closer to home. A long driving day. So much truck traffic. Got settled in then went to grab a burger and then a nap. I heard people outside talking so went out to look. A huge rainbow.

 And a pretty sunset. 

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