Saturday, March 24, 2018

To pooped to pop

Woke up to a kind of nice sunrise over the desert behind our backyard. 
The temperatures were in the low 70's today which made it nice for all the work we had to get done. We only can keep the RV in front of the house for 24 hours, then we have to put it in the storage lot. Heaven forbid we keep it there 20 hours, someone will complain. At least the storage lot is only two blocks away here in the community. 
Any way we got it emptied but not cleaned. We'll do that when we bring it back from the RV doctor. We have an appointment on Wed. the 28th to drop it off. Needs a few things under warranty fixed and one recall that I know of. 
It looks like we lost about three of our plants in the back. And my ocotillo - that one I'm upset about. But we can take it back and get a new one if/when I find the receipt. Same with the other dead ones.
Guess it got too cold here for a couple of them. 
Today was like I said in the 70's but we had heavy winds all day. I couldn't hang on to the car door when I opened it. The wind just took it. 
Almost everything we brought back into the house from the RV is put away. Where it belongs? Maybe/maybe not. Also have only one load of laundry to finish. I thought I'd sit down and watch the truck race and it got rained out so I had to continue working!
At least I don't have to clean in here, our loving son will send a couple of the ladies from his maid service over next week. Amazing how much dust/dirt can get into a closed up house.
We did go out for dinner then to WalMart for groceries and odds and ends we remembered we needed.  I had to get a 126GB thumb drive so I can get all the drone pictures and videos off of my laptop - they really eat up storage. 
And that's about it for today. Tomorrow I'm going to cook corned beef and cabbage and watch two races. Maybe I'll hang up a few of the blouses I got in Mazatlan as I bought hangers today.
Can't wait to go over and get the glass to finish my window.


Doug and Nancy said...

So....the question of the hour fine friend is: Did the rooster make it to his new home, safe and sound???

Jackie McGuinness said...

Yes, let's see the rooster in his new home!

Carol and Bill said...

Yes the rooster is home, pics later