Sunday, March 25, 2018

Its the little things

Oh my, the first Sunday we are home able to watch a NASCAR race and it is rained out. Won't be until tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. our time! 
So first off - the Rooster made it home in one piece. He is proudly sitting on the stoop of our back patio. He might get moved later. Though Bill says, Where he is he stays. He is heavy!" The plant on the floor next to him will eventually go into the pot next to it. Forgot to get planting soil yesterday. 
And he has a friend. Think we'll get chickies? But they look like they are ignoring each other. hum...
Coming home from the RV to our house takes some getting used to. I almost burned my hands this morning when I went to wash them. My bathroom is right next to the water heater so I get hot water immediately. In the RV with the tankless water it takes forever to get hot water. Usually done using it before it gets hot. 
The start and stop buttons on  the microwave are in the opposite place of the RV. So every time I go to heat my coffee I hit the stop button instead. 
But making the bed here is much easier.
Who ever gets up last has to make the bed, since we've we been home it is me.
So much easier than making the bed which is in a slide out in the RV. Have to crawl all over it to make it. 

It is nice here to have a number of TVs so we can both watch something different. And they are far enough away the sound doesn't bother the other person. Like today, The races were supposed to be on the same time as an International Argentina soccer game. Kind of a moot point today with the cancellation of the race, and he is taking a nap.
Getting used to my PC is taking some thinking before acting too. My laptop has windows 8.1 the PC Windows 7. Lot of difference in the two programs. Also the keyboards have some of the keys in different places. Took me a bit to find "delete" on my PC. Won't take long to adjust though. Also the monitor is much much larger on the PC. Almost too big, Bill gave me his old one when he got a BIGGER one. 
Our refrigerator looked so empty before we went to the grocery store and the one in the RV was full. I think I bought groceries we didn't need just to fill it up! Speaking of buying groceries - corned beef was on sale so I bought one along with potatoes, carrots and onions. I FORGOT the cabbage. And not only that - today we made another WalMart run and I forgot it again. So had to stop at Albertson's to buy cabbage. Then decided not to cook it today - will fix it tomorrow.
It is so strange riding in my car - it is a 1998 Mustang Convertible and it sits really low to the ground. Like you look out the window at hubcaps! As opposed to the Jeep where you look over the tops of most cars. Hard to get used to. 
Enough for now tomorrow is another busy day. 


SandyM said...

Rooster looks right at home!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Yes to the multiple TVs in different rooms!

Carol and Bill said...

at least he made it home in one piece.

Carol and Bill said...

especially when there were two NASCAR races on today.